Subject Matter Experts


David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Fenceline Monitoring
Montrose Environmental group

Greg Burch

Refineries, Emissions Testing
Don Chapman

Don Chapman

Ethanol/Chemical, Emissions Testing
Pat Clark copy

Patrick Clark, P.E.

Ambient and Advanced/Real-time Air Quality
Kevin Crosby

Kevin Crosby

Emissions Testing
Daniel Fitzgerald

Daniel E. Fitzgerald

Refinery/Petrochemical, Emissions Testing

Peter G. Zemek, Ph.D.

Advanced/Real-time Air Quality


Peter Arth copy

Peter Arth

Environmental Toxicology
Marcus Hueppe

Marcus Hueppe

Air Analysis
Alice Delia copy

Alice Delia, PhD

Indoor Air Analysis
Bryan Vining copy

Bryan Vining, PhD

Ultratrace Analysis


Tanya Jackson

Tanya Jackson

LDAR Management and Program Improvement
Mark Richards copy

Mark Richards

Chemical Sector
Paul Dumas copy

Paul Dumas

Oil & Gas Upstream | Midstream and Tank Maintenance

Terence Trefiak

Optical Gas Imaging

Jared Metcalf

OGI, Drones, and Advanced Technology

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Kirk Kessler

Kirk Kessler, PG

Environmental Remediation
Stephen Kirschner copy

Steve Kirschner, P.E.

Environmental Remediation
Paul Stratman copy

Paul Stratman, P.E., P.G.

Environmental Remediation
Rick Shoyer

Rick Shoyer, LSRP

PFAS Remediation
Connie Tsentas

Constantine Tsentas, PG

Environmental Remediation

Water Treatment


Andy Bishop


Marilyn Sinnett

Steve Woodard

Steve Woodard

Regulatory Consulting

Alan Anderson-384

Alan Anderson

Multimedia Compliance

Katrina Bagwell, P.E.

Dispersion Modeling
Santosh Chandru-384

Santosh Chandru, P.E.

Dispersion Modeling

Melissa Dakas

Air Permitting & Compliance

Marnie Freer, LEL

Air Permitting & Compliance
Karl Lany

Karl Lany


Penny McInnis, P.E.

Air Permitting & Compliance
Ted Peyser copy

Ted Peyser

Hazardous Waste
Tommy Sweat copy

Tommy Sweat

Air Quality

Planning & Ecosystem Consulting

David Zweig copy 2

David Zweig, P.E.

Joe Nicolette

Joe Nicolette

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