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What is differentiated natural gas?

Differentiated natural gas, also referred to as certified gas or responsibly sourced gas, is natural gas produced in a manner that accurately quantifies and minimizes methane emissions and has undergone a third-party review confirming compliance with relevant standards.

Montrose’s Sustainability and Climate Advisory team provides strategic support to assist companies in addressing their toughest environmental and broader sustainability challenges, including transitioning to a low-carbon economy while continuing to thrive in the oil and gas marketplace.

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Our Differentiated Natural Gas Services

Our Experience and Know-How

We support oil and gas companies, from mid-size to major, as they implement field measurement campaigns domestically and abroad. Our team serves as program manager for optical gas imaging (OGI), stack testing, and flare measurement field teams. Our experience includes the development of OGMP 2.0 test plans and test reports, including emissions factor development and like-for-like analyses. We deliver boots-on-the-ground measurement training and deploy measurement technology pilots. With oil and gas expertise, advisory services, and measurement teams in the same organization, Montrose is uniquely positioned to support you on your differentiated natural gas journey.

Elizabeth McGurk Headshot

Elizabeth McGurk

Managing Consultant

Elizabeth supports clients on sustainability-focused projects including Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 GHG inventories, assisting with commitments to various sustainability frameworks (i.e. OGMP 2.0, SBTi, and more), and evaluating emissions reduction opportunities. Her team also assists clients in successfully leveraging the many experts within Montrose on complex projects. Teams that may collaborate on projects either concurrently or in a phased approach include but are not limited to, permitting and compliance, stack testing, ambient air quality monitoring, LDAR, data visualization, laboratories, and emerging technologies. Finally, she assists with permitting and compliance projects whenever appropriate based on her extensive experience with environmental rules and regulations.

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