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Specializing in Brownfields grants, our team of grant professionals has a stellar track record with a 100% success rate across 30 applications, securing over $37 million in client funding.

Our firm, a fully integrated environmental leader with a nationwide presence spanning over 95 offices, excels in securing funding for revitalizing contaminated communities. Beyond Brownfields, we offer expertise in renewable energy, EPA grants, and other environmental funding opportunities. Our services include conducting readiness assessments, identifying funding opportunities, crafting compelling proposals, and preparing and delivering comprehensive application packages—all tailored to maximize your funding success and project impact.

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Setting You Up for Grant Success

To assess your organization’s readiness to be a successful applicant for federal funding opportunities, Montrose will review current grants, past funding awards, and strategic priorities and request documents that are typically included in grant applications.  

Once we understand your organizational priorities, we identify, vet, and assess available and forecasted funding opportunities to present options that align with your strategic goals. Additionally, we schedule meetings with funding agencies and participate in relevant webinars to stay informed about available grants and funding options. 

Our funding services team crafts compelling grant proposals tailored to the specific requirements of each funding opportunity you pursue. We ensure meticulous preparation and timely submission, maximizing your chances of securing grant funding. 

Our experts manage the grant program by establishing clear timelines for application submission and project milestones. We facilitate regular meetings to coordinate efforts and ensure project alignment with goals, maintaining open communication channels with stakeholders to foster collaboration and promptly address any issues, ensuring the smooth implementation and success of your grant program. 

We gather necessary supplemental information, such as letters of support and memoranda of understanding, to strengthen your grant application. Additionally, we create informative infographics to visually enhance your proposal and effectively convey key data. These elements collectively bolster your application’s credibility and compellingly illustrate the project’s potential impact. 

Our experts compile all required documents and materials into a cohesive application package, ensuring all forms are completed and supporting documents are included. The final product is organized according to the grantor’s guidelines and provided to you for an on-time submission.

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Our experienced team at Montrose is here to help you navigate the complexities of environmental grants, leveraging our unparalleled capabilities to secure funding and ensure successful project outcomes for your organization.

Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews
Senior Grant Writer

Emily is a seasoned professional grant writer with over 20 years of experience in all facets of proposal development and grant management, including writing, research, reporting, metrics, and tracking. She has a successful track record in preparing government, foundation, and corporate grant proposals for a variety of human service and workforce development organizations. In her current role, Emily provides a comprehensive suite of grant-related services to Montrose clients, including identifying funding opportunities, conducting research, developing projects and partnerships, preparing detailed grant applications and budgets, and ensuring the timely submission of grant packages. Additionally, she serves as an essential liaison between funders and clients, facilitating clear communication and fostering strong relationships.

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