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Steve Yuchs, Ph.D.

Vice President, Technical – Emerging Technology

Dr. Yuchs has over 26 years of experience in source testing, project and lab management, execution of compliance testing involving relative accuracy test audit programs, and temporary Continuous Emission Measurement System (CEMS) installations and process optimization programs.  He currently specializes in Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy (PTR-TOF MS) for sub-ambient level determination of pollutant concentrations, emissions vectoring for point-source leak detection and real-time determination of fenceline emissions utilizing a self-contained mobile laboratory.

Dr. Yuchs’ other areas of pursuit include Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared analysis, in-field gas chromatography characterization of various organics and sulfur containing streams, and speciated/total sulfur CEMS development and deployment.  His governmental R&D experience focused on development of novel materials for environmental remediation applications, and his industrial experience focused on R&D management, design of novel approaches to custom, non-routine on-site field sampling projects and management of National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Council certified stack testing laboratories.  Dr. Yuchs is also involved with R&D of new analytical field and laboratory testing methods.

Dr. Yuchs holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi, along with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Truman State University.  He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and holds several patents.

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