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Brownfield Redevelopment Service

We provide integrated services to assist our clients in building successful programs to achieve their brownfield redevelopment and community revitalization goals.

Our brownfield redevelopment consultants and specialists secure and leverage grants, loans, and other incentives to support environmental site assessment, cleanup, restoration, and capital improvement projects. Then our Consulting and Engineering professionals deliver a full suite of solutions for environmental site assessment and remediation that combine the consistency of a national practice with deep, local expertise, experience, and regulatory insight. Along the way, our Real Estate Development teams include planners, architects, and engineers who can assist with all phases of brownfield redevelopment services, from conceptual site design and feasibility analysis to permitting and construction. Additionally, our clients have access to our cutting-edge Laboratory and Data Management capabilities, as well as industry-leading Treatment Technologies, including products to address PFAS-impacted water and other traditional and emerging contaminants.

The Montrose Brownfield Revitalization Roadmap

Brownfield & Community Revitalization Services

We develop strategies to finance projects and eliminate funding gaps by leveraging a variety of grants, loans, and incentives, to support all types of brownfield, community revitalization, and capital improvement projects. We also prepare successful grant applications and provide grant administration support.

Our team of brownfield redevelopment consultants includes planners, architects, and engineers who can assist with reuse planning and real estate development strategies, including conceptual plans, feasibility analysis, pro formas, permitting/compliance, and construction support.

We conduct thorough All Appropriate Inquiries tailored to: meet each end-users needs; ensure appropriate due diligence and protection from CERCLA liabilities; and to aid in your negotiations as a buyer or seller.

We “do the ordinary better” and leverage cutting-edge technologies to customize cost-effective solutions in alignment with reuse plans/strategies. This includes High-Resolution Site Characterization, Real-Time Sensors & 3-D Visualizations, and Adaptive Site Management. Our innovative remediation approaches use proprietary, cost-effective solutions that include industry-leading treatment technologies, such as the only patented regenerable ion exchange resin system for PFAS-impacted water and other traditional and emerging containments (ect2;

We have a national network of accredited laboratories (Enthalpy Analytical; that provide analysis of soil, water and air samples. Additionally, we have dedicated specialists (Environmental Standards; who ensure that your data quality and management objectives are met.

Our multi-disciplinary team will never lose sight of your redevelopment plans. We’ve supported several Phoenix Award winning projects and understand what it takes to move beyond environmental constraints to achieve your revitalization goals.

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