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From stormwater management and stream restoration to climate risk assessments and flood mitigation, our experience spans the entire water resource spectrum. Our team delivers practical design solutions that integrate engineering with surface water, groundwater, geomorphology, climate science, ecology, and planning. We are dedicated to helping clients and communities to manage water supply, design urban stormwater management systems, and undertake flood forecasting risk assessments; with an aim to balance the needs of development and infrastructure improvement with preservation of the natural environment. 

Water Resources Solutions

Engineering & Environmental Design

Water Resources Engineering & Environmental Design

When new or legacy infrastructure intersects with streams, rivers or wetlands, you will appreciate a partner that delivers an integrated approach to protect your community or business and the environment. Our team works collaboratively with agencies to get approval for your project efficiently.  We develop innovative and practical design solutions built on experience, strong local environmental and regulatory knowledge, and analytical and modelling tools.  

Key services include: 

  • Urban and Industrial Stormwater Management – Assessment and Design, Regulatory Permitting and Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Permitting 
  • Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure 
  • Riverine and Coastal Erosion Control 
  • Integrated River Engineering and Geomorphology 
  • Climate Risk and Resilience Assessments 
  • Flood Hazard Assessment and Mitigation 
  • Water Quality Assessment, Monitoring, and Modeling 
  • Bridge and Culvert Hydrology/Hydraulics 
  • Watershed Hydrology and Planning 
  • Water Resources Impact Assessment 
  • Contract Administration and Construction Inspection 
Design & Construction Services

Design & Construction Services

Our civil design sector is led by experienced water resource professionals who understand the value of detail oriented and resilient design solutions. We support small and large projects from initiation to implementation and are proud to provide the following services to our public and private sector clients. 


  • Site visits, topographic surveys, and base plan preparation 
  • Environmental Assessments, risk assessments 
  • Agency and stakeholder consultations, approvals applications and public liaison 
  • Technical design criteria, calculations, and modelling 
  • Scheduling, cost estimating, cost-benefit analysis, and budgeting 

Designed solutions 

  • Erosion control structures, flood protection structures, overland flow conveyance systems 
  • Low Impact Development (LID) and traditional stormwater management/retention facilities including engineered wetlands 
  • Municipal Infrastructure including watermains and sanitary sewers, storm sewer systems, drainage ditching, and catch basin inlet spacing assessment and design 
  • Stormwater management facilities condition assessment, bathymetric surveying, sediment analysis, infrastructure repairs and stormwater management retrofits 
  • Watercourses crossing structures, natural channel re-alignments, erosion remediation, slope stabilizations 
  • Planting/revegetation plans, protection plans, dewatering schematics 

Construction Phase activities  

  • Contract/tender document preparation, submittals, and shop drawing reviews 
  • Contract administration and site inspection
  • Post construction monitoring and reporting 
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