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Site Design: Story of a Former Waterfront Chemical Plant

Site design of the Waterside Brownfield Redevelopment project. Formerly the home of a chemical plant, the project transformed the area into a mixed-use residential development.

101 For Low Carbon Fuel Standard

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard is stimulating new markets for alternative sources of energy, such as renewable natural gas.

Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis for Air Pollutants (SES) 2019

Our presentation explores the plausibility of PTR-TOF-MS measuring ultra-low real-time detection limits for compounds that are deemed difficult to measure.

Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) for Ambient and (Compliance) Source Testing Discussion

Our research on the capabilities of proton transfer reaction time of flight mass spectrometry (PTR-MS) as a real-time measurement instrument.

Optimization of EPA Method TO-15 for Analysis of ppt Levels of Ethylene Oxide in Ambient Air

Learn how we optimized EPA Method TO-15 to achieve a 10 ppt reporting limit for ethylene oxide.

State-of-the-Art Real-Time, Low Level VOC Monitoring in Stationary and Mobile Platforms

Discover how PTR-MS is a cost-effective, mobile, and powerful analytical tool for ambient air testing.

Enhanced Measurement of Low-Concentration Formaldehyde Emissions

Watch as we explore compliant and innovative methods of testing formaldehyde emissions from stationary sources.