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Preventative Tank Services

Tank Emissions Inspection

One of the biggest problems facing the oil and gas industry is the lack of technology to control volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks from fixed roof tanks. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local air districts have identified tank tops as part of routine inspections, there is still no reasonable solution to fix the problem outside of servicing tank tops regularly.

Our team of highly skilled technicians are equipped with the latest technology to track leaks and make the tank repairs needed to stay compliant.

Maintenance Services


Our trained field crews perform preventative tank services on fixed roof tanks, external floating rook tanks, and internal floating rook tanks. Montrose’s professionals ensure tanks are in good operating condition with the vapor tight standards to meet regulations. Maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning and replacing gaskets, breather valves, and hatches
  • Bench testing valves to confirm set points
  • Troubleshooting vapor recovery systems
  • Contracting for both on-call maintenance (maintenance after the leak) and preventive maintenance (fixes before the leak).
  • Tank emissions inspection
  • EPA standard test services

Part Sales


Montrose professionals provide replacement of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts used to repair leaks on-call or eliminate leaks discovered during preventive maintenance. Our innovative LDAR software uses analytics to track when it’s time to replace and service tank parts.

Montrose is currently a recognized formal seller for Emerson Process Control and several other smaller suppliers.

Seal Inspections


Highly trained field crews provide tank seal inspections for primary and secondary seals on floating roof tanks. When necessary to meet certain regulations, Montrose professionals use EPA Method 21 monitoring for components located on tanks.

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