Gas Emissions Testing

Faster repairs. Faster reporting. Data-driven results.

TARGET EMISSIONS SOFTWARE gives your team a deep view into all of your emissions assessment data.

Whether you’re using Method 21, Alternative Work Practice (AWP), managing your program internally or subcontracting your inspections, TARGET ONLINE’s user-friendly web interface gives you clear and seamless presentation of Fugitive Emission survey results of gas emissions testing, repair tracking, and regulatory reporting.



Regulatory reporting can be tedious and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

With TARGET ONLINE, you can centralize and manage your entire reporting process in one easy-to-use online environment. This means better reporting accuracy and a big reduction in timeline bottlenecks, which helps project your organization’s emissions reputation.

Using TARGET ONLINE, your organization can build automated workflows to deliver customized, ready-to-send reports from your fugitive emissions in just a few clicks.

It resolves the manual process of gathering data from countless spreadsheets, running critical and complex emissions calculations, and delivering customized reports based on the guidelines of regulatory submissions.

TARGET CLOUD SERVICES API allows for integrations with:

Enterprise Asset Management Systems:

  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management
  • Custom 3rd Party Back-Office Work Order Systems

Emission Management Software Partners:

Advanced Leak Tracking


Are you still using spreadsheets from various sources in different formats to track your emissions leaks?

Make the switch to TARGET ONLINE to easily access, view, and print critical emission details from one portal.

This lets you quickly update the status of repairs, record and store repair activities for each leak, and track the overall repair rate status for each facility. Plus, your team gets instant access to large video footage of specific leaks locations in one simple cloud-based environment

You can even go a step further and enable automatic email notifications for repair statuses, automated work orders with a configurable API (application programming interface), and field access using mobile tracking ensures data formatting consistency and instant data sync with your online database.



TARGET TRACK is a full-featured Android mobile application for recording fugitive data during inspections.

Montrose Environmental’s Services Team can be scheduled to come out on-site and perform the necessary inspections using the TARGET TRACK Mobile App.  Or alternatively you can License the TARGET TRACK Mobile App for your own Field Employees.  (Additional Gas Analyzing Equipment is required)

Data capture categories include:

  • Safety management – completion of daily hazard assessment form.
  • Facility information – record details of facility type, equipment/ process list, and contact information
  • Assessment information – record details of survey date, technician, and instrument information.
  • Component information – record details of component service, type, and size for each leak detected.

Leak information – record details of leak description, safety hazard rating, and repair recommendation.

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