Montrose Environmental group

Greg Burch

Refineries, Emissions Testing

Greg Burch brings over 30 years of industry experience to the Montrose team where he currently works as Regional Vice President for the Gulf Coast region of the Air Quality Services sector of Montrose. Prior to this role, Greg worked in various management positions for companies including ARI Environmental Inc. and Golden Specialty Consulting as well as other roles for the Montrose Air Quality Services team where he was awarded District Manager of the Year. He is a member of the American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Air and Waste Management Association, and the Source Evaluation Society and is a Qualified Stack Test Individual (QSTI) Groups I, II, III and IV. Greg was educated in the US Navy for Advanced Aviation Electronics and holds and Associates of Science Degree from Kingwood College as well as a Degree in Business Administration from University of Houston.

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