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Integrated PFAS Solutions

PFAS Consulting Services

Built for global environmental challenges, Montrose offers a truly differentiated combination of full-service capabilities under one umbrella to address your Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) needs. With our integrated solutions, we can support your existing PFAS project team or provide an efficient inception-through-completion approach to solve your PFAS challenges. Meet our experts and see our project experience.

PFAS Services

Remedial Design and Implementation, ecosystem-remediation-plant, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Remedial Design & Implementation


Our experts design PFAS analysis solutions and risk reduction strategies that optimize resources – whether it’s a single residential point-of-entry or complex remedial system. Our understanding of the regulatory climate and potential risks leads to data-informed business decisions that accomplish agreed upon goals. We can also PFAS contaminated water treatment, self-implement soil, groundwater, and drinking water remedial solutions, and act as Client Representatives – to manage procurement and construction QA oversight of contractors to ensure all objectives are met.

Water Treatment Technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Water Treatment Technology

Montrose provides a full range of products and services for the treatment of PFAS-contaminated water, including bench and pilot studies, design and engineering of temporary and permanent systems, installation, construction management, startup and commissioning, and ongoing operating contracts.

Exposure and health risks, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Exposure & Health Risks

Montrose has toxicological expertise and risk communication experience in chemical sampling, contamination documentation, environmental data analysis, and emergency response guidelines which are instrumental in identifying potential exposures and risk factors. From human health risk assessments and toxicology, to analytical method and screening level development, and risk communication and community engagement, we provide qualitative and quantitative, PFAS-focused evaluations.

Environmental Assessment, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Environmental Assessment

Montrose’s multi-discipline teams of geologists and environmental professionals have investigated and sampled PFAS in industrial air emissions, water and wastewater, soil and sediment, groundwater and biosolids. Our assessment teams work closely with our clients to develop focused investigation and testing plans to meet established schedules and regulatory guidelines.

Project Quality Oversight

Project Quality Oversight

Our team builds data quality into any PFAS program by establishing the ideal analytical methods and coordinating field sampling and analytical activities. Our quality assurance chemists validate laboratory data as well as audit laboratories to assure data defensibility. And when the data are suspect, we have decades of experience performing PFAS forensic chemistry to resolve any anomalies.

Environmental compliance, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Environmental Compliance

We stay on top of the rapidly changing regulatory environment, maintaining a deep understanding of the current state of scientific literature involving the human health and environmental impacts of PFAS, in order to provide the best plan for our clients.

Testing and Analysis, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Testing & Analysis

Our Ultratrace laboratory can analyze for over 70 PFAS compounds, including legacy PFAS (such as PFOS/ PFOA) and newer PFAS (such as GenX). We obtain accurate and precise results by using as many isotopically labeled internal standards as possible (i.e. isotope dilution technique).

Air Quality Testing, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

Air Quality Testing

We protect the air we breathe via air testing and analysis. Montrose’s air testing teams utilize the most current and up-to-date technologies to determine PFAS from any emission source. From determining destruction efficiencies to identifying which contaminants are the culprit in your system, our experts are here.

AFFF, Aqueous Film Forming Foam, airplane, airport, water treatment technology, treatment of pfas contaminated water, pfas

AFFF Changeout and Treatment

Our team is uniquely qualified in lifecycle solutions for the replacement, treatment, and disposal of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) systems for the DoD, government, and industrial clientele. We partner with our clients on each unique site to identify the approach that best meets objectives for cost, regulatory liability, and future use of AFFF systems that contain the emerging chemical known as per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Typical work elements include: 

  • draining and containerizing waste AFFF concentrate
  • decontaminating and flushing (with water or solvents/detergents) AFFF tanks, hydrants, and piping
  • containerizing rinsate
  • treating concentrate and rinsate and discharging to storm or sanitary sewer
  • managing waste disposal of liquids and solids
  • modifying fire protection systems
  • replenishing with new foam formulations or water systems
  • providing regulatory consulting and employee toxicology and exposure assessments 

Our work is closely controlled and monitored primarily through our in-house disciplines and capabilities, including environmental technicians, engineers, industrial hygienists, and chemists. Additionally, we have in-house certified PFAS laboratories and onsite PFAS treatment technologies using a variety of treatment options, such as foam fractionation, granulated activated carbon, and ion exchange resin systems capable of treating liquid waste to non-detect levels.

State PFAS Regulations and Advisories

Many states have started regulating PFAS in drinking water and have adopted enforceable standards or Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for PFAS. The map below shows the enforceable drinking water standards for Drinking Water, Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil Contact, and Soil Leaching.

Meet the PFAS Experts at Montrose

From testing to remediation to proactive interventions, our PFAS experts provide comprehensive, environmentally-focused solutions that combine the consistency of a national presence with deep, local expertise and regulatory insight. Montrose is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas with over 3,500 employees and over 100 offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Jorge Caspary, PG, PFAS Assessment and Remediation
Jorge Caspary, PG
PFAS Assessment and Remediation
Erika Houtz, PhD, PE, Contaminant Destruction
Erika Houtz, PhD, PE
Contaminant Destruction
Dave Kempisty, PhD, PE, Director of Emerging Contaminants
Dave Kempisty, PhD, PE
Emerging Contaminants
Martha Maier, PFAS Program Leader
Martha Maier
PFAS Technical Expert
Steve Koenigsberg, PhD, PFAS Assessment & Remediation
Steve Koenigsberg, PhD
PFAS Assessment & Remediation
Peter Zemek, PhD. Emerging Technologies
Peter Zemek, PhD
Emerging Technologies
Rock Vitale, CEAC, Chemistry
Rock Vitale, CEAC
National PFAS Leader/Senior Principal Chemist
Steve Woodard, PhD, PE, R&D and Innovation
Steve Woodard, PhD, PE
R&D and Innovation

PFAS Expertise

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