Seeking the use of alternative leak detection technologies in fugitive emission management programs? We can assist you in creating a highly accurate emissions inventory and deploying the alternative methods best suited to your needs.

Alt-FEMP Inventory Services

Alt-FEMP technologies for leak detection can make surveys more efficient and effective. However, a prerequisite to a successful Alt-FEMP program is an emissions inventory that identifies and quantifies all sources of fugitive emissions throughout a facility.

By acquiring and analyzing time-series data, we help operators pinpoint the overlap that exists between leaks and vents, allowing them to know their high-risk areas. Once we have a comprehensive picture of the sources and volumes of methane emissions, we then partner with our clients to develop effective strategies for detecting fugitive emissions with alternative technologies.

Alt-FEMP Technologies

Our detailed bottom-up detection and measurement approach—either stand-alone or aligned with top-down satellite, plane, drone, or remote sensor data—helps clients systematically manage their greenhouse gas emissions and credibly demonstrate reductions to stakeholders.

How we help


Alt-FEMP Project Management

We liaise with other vendors before the screenings and on-site inspections. This includes planning virtual kick-off meetings and any future meetings to go over the timetables, project expectations, concerns, and project constraints.

Technology Deployment

Montrose offers a range of technology solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. We collaborate with you to identify the optimal solution that aligns with your goals.

Field Inspections and Measurement

We conduct source inventory collection and measurement for fugitive and vent sources in tandem with root cause analyses.


We compile reports that detail our findings, develop source-specific methane emission volumes based on ongoing analysis of measurement data, comparison compare findings to projections, and creation create KPIs that will enable the evaluation of emission reduction progress and program performance.

KPIs/Analysis for Assessing Program Performance

  • Estimated annual emissions reductions and a comparison with modeled emission reductions
  • Analysis of characteristics of the top emitting sites
  • Technology performance, including minimum detection limit observed in the field, identification of limitations, and assessment of performance under the conditions in which the technology was operational
  • Mean time between detection of fugitive emissions and repair of leak
  • Cost of alternative program versus modeled cost
  • Analysis to determine potential discrepancies between modeled results and real outcomes
  • Identification of trends in emitting site types
  • Comparison of alt-FEMP performance to that of the Control Region

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