Stack Testing Services

Stack testing services are the fundamental basis for documenting your compliance status with emission limits on regulated air pollutants.

Stay head of air pollutant regulations with Montrose Environmental’s leading stack testing services including our air quality testing lab for a compliant and successful facility. Our team of experts are prepared to offer guidance every step of the way.

Compliance Testing


When you’re working to meet environmental laws and regulations, compliance testing is the first step in determining where your emissions stand. To navigate compliance testing projects, we offer:

  • Logistics and Planning
  • Permit Review
  • Regulatory Pollutant Guidance
  • Data Analysis and Planning
  • Test Scope and Schedule

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) Certification


To ensure your systems stay compliant, continuous emissions monitoring is required under some regulations. Our CEMS services include:

  • Initial Performance Specification Test (PST)
  • Onsite CEMS QA Training Classes
  • Annual Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)
  • Quarterly Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA)
  • Quarterly Data Assessment Reports
  • Site/Source Specific Quality Assurance Manual
  • Temporary CEMS Solutions During Maintenance and Replacement of Your Permanent CEMS

Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) Certification


We use parametric monitoring of different operational conditions to estimate, map, and model what emissions might be. This way you can stay ahead of any potential problems with services like:

  • Initial Performance Specification Test (PST)
  • Quarterly Relative Accuracy Audit (RAA)
  • Annual Relative Accuracy Testing Audit (RATA)
  • Quarterly Data Assessment Reports

Air Toxic Contaminants and HAPS Testing


Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are those that are known to or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. These pollutants are regulated by state and federal regulations so it’s important your facility is aware of them and keeps them under control through air source testing. Our team is prepared to offer:

  • Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT)
  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT)
  • Information Collection Request (ICR) – Section 114

On-Site FTIR Spectroscopy Services


The FTIR can potentially identify and quantify any gas that absorbs infrared light, and the system can measure hundreds of HAPs and VOCs in real-time. Our services include:

  • FTIR StarBoostTM Technology
  • MAXTM Thermal Oxidizer Module (TOM)
  • Ultra-low Detection Limits in Parts Per Billion (ppb) for EPA Analytes of Interest


Combustion Engineering and Emissions Profiling


A profile provides details about the level of energy consumption and pollutant emissions that will help make informed decisions about emissions reducing initiatives. Our services include:

  • SCR and SNCR Optimization and Ammonia Injection Balancing
  • Capture Efficiency (CE) and Destruction Efficiency (DE)
  • Process Optimization and Complex Gas Matrix Analysis

Power Plant Commissioning Test Programs and Diagnostic Performance Testing


With power plant commissioning, you can ensure all elements of the system are operational and efficient. Our expertise includes:

  • Mercury Air Toxics Standards (MATS)
  • Low-level Particulate Matter (PM)
  • Engine and Catalyst Tuning
  • Low-Level Formaldehyde, NOx and Ammonia Measurements

Comprehensive Performance Tests


In some instances, you must conduct comprehensive performance tests to show compliance with emission standards and performance specifications for monitoring systems. To keep your business compliant and successful, we offer services like:

  • Spiking
  • Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) Tests
  • Control and Efficiency Testing
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Comprehensive Performance Tests

PFAS Testing


The per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water. Fluoropolymer coatings can be in a variety of products. PFAS are synthetic chemicals used in industrial and commercial applications. They don’t degrade easily and can remain in the environment for a long time. They’re linked to potentially serious health problems, so it’s important to test for these compounds and keep them under control. That’s why we consult with the EPA to improve the sampling and analysis tasks with new test methods like:

  • Other Test Method 45 (OTM-45)

Specialty Testing


We work with every client to ensure they get the right testing for their needs and success. Our specialty tests include:

  • FCCU Third Stage Separator Testing
  • Dilution Tunnel Sampling for Particulates
    • OTM-37
    • Railroad Engines Using OTM-39
    • Low-Level Formaldehyde
    • New Method Development for Specialized Volatile Organic Compounds
    • CEMS Dilution Sampling for High Moisture or Highly Concentrated Sampling Locations

Greenhouse Gas Testing


We offer in-depth GHG reporting as a part of our leak detection and fugitive emissions solutions. Our comprehensive testing includes:

  • Emission Factor Development
  • Measurements of Carbon Dioxide and Methane
  • Carbon Dating Speciation
  • Corroboration of Measurements
  • 3D testing
  • Top Down and Bottom Up Sampling Capabilities for Complete Emissions Inventory Site Assessments

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