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Montrose provides comprehensive lifecycle solutions for the replacement, treatment, and disposal of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) systems for diverse clientele including Department of Defense (DOD), government, and industrial sectors. Collaborating closely with our clients, we embark on a strategic partnership to determine the best approach that factors in cost-efficiency, regulatory compliance, and the future utilization of AFFF systems containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Our operations are rigorously managed and overseen through a combination of in-house expertise and accredited PFAS laboratories, ensuring meticulous control and monitoring at every stage.


Providing Integrated AFFF Solutions

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Our Experience and Know-How

Our team has worked for years with airports, aircraft rescue and firefighting groups, DOD, industrial manufacturers, and associated industries to remediate their PFAS-impacted water challenges. We provide AFFF replacement services and AFFF treatment solutions. We bring our experience and knowledge to rinse, clean, and transition your AFFF fire suppression systems to fluorine-free.

Our team will evaluate your current systems, use our proprietary rinse solution to clean your pipes and systems and treat the PFAS-impacted rinse water to non-detect levels. This treated water can be disposed of onsite, saving significant money on costly off-site transportation and waste disposal. The minimal solid waste that’s generated can be taken off-site for disposal or destruction. Montrose can also support you with our environmental, safety and occupational health services with on-site monitoring and recordkeeping services.

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Rob Bogert, PE

Turnkey Design & Field Services

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Steve Pepper, MS, CSP

Replacement Products & Suppression System Readiness

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Patrick McKeown, PE

Water Treatment Technology

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