Senior Leaders

Montrose Environmental Group comprises highly qualified, experienced professionals with skills in project evaluation, planning, design, coordination, implementation–and the myriad steps involved in these processes. We have the unique combination of capabilities and nationally recognized experts to “problem solve” in all facets of your project requirements.

Enthalpy_Headshots_Sept2022_Bryan Chubb_Web-1

Bryan Chubb

EVP, Sales
Doug Matthys-768x768 (1)

Doug Matthys

Segment President, Consulting & Engineering
Ryan Brokamp

Ryan Brokamp

SVP, Biogas Solutions & Water Treatment

Craig Christensen, CPA

SVP, Corporate Controller
Dan Gerard 512x512

Daniel Gerard

SVP, Shared Services
Mark Hall

Mark Hall

SVP, Advisory & Specialty Services
Shawn Nelezen

Shawn Nelezen

SVP, Testing Services

Andy Bishop

SVP, Product Commercialization

Margaret Dunbar

VP of Marketing
Jody Jackson

Jody Jackson, CSP

VP of Health, Safety & Environmental
Kirk Kessler

Kirk Kessler, PG

VP, Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Jared Metcalf

VP of US OGI Operations
Joe Nicolette

Joe Nicolette

VP, Ecosystem Service Economics
Jami Patrick_cropped

Jami Patrick

VP, Sustainability Advisory
Bernard Sheff

Bernard Sheff, PE

VP, Biogas Solutions

Marilyn Sinnett

VP, Design and Engineering
Jacob Stern

Jacob Stern

VP, RNG Product Delivery

Glen Capra

VP, Stack Testing
Pat Clark

Patrick Clark, PE

VP, Ambient Air Monitoring
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