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Integrated Methane Services

2023 brought a flurry of methane rulemaking, and that trend is expected to continue in 2024.

With a deep understanding of the energy industry and a broad skill set, Montrose proudly offers integrated solutions for addressing methane challenges in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. We take a comprehensive approach to methane emissions measurement, management, and reduction, from strategy and program development to boots-on-the-ground methane quantification. Our interdisciplinary team’s knowledge and experience provide our clients with holistic, fit-for-purpose methane solutions.

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Emissions Detection and Measurement


  • Strategic planning and direct measurement of fugitives, vents, flares, and incomplete combustion sources 
  • Technology-agnostic sampling technology evaluation 
  • Measurement and/or monitoring program management  
  • Comprehensive test reports aligned with regulatory or voluntary sustainability framework requirements 
  • Continuous Methane Monitoring Systems (CMMS) evaluation and deployment 

Measurement-Informed Emission Calculation Support


  • Baseline emissions quantification 
  • Asset- and source-level materiality analyses 
  • Custom emission factor development 
  • Emissions inventory and materiality revisions 
  • Site-wide emissions reconciliation  
  • Gap assessments 

Data Management and Visualization


  • Technology-agnostic sensing and measurement data aggregation and visualization through Sensible EDP (Environmental Data Platform) 
  • Integration with existing operations and environmental platforms 
  • Targeted alerts based on detection alarm conditions 
  • Statistical data analysis to assist in data-driven decision-making  

Methane Mitigation Initiative Support and Implementation


  • Evaluation of sustainability frameworks (OGMP 2.0, MiQ, Equitable Origin, Trustwell, and Veritas) 
  • Implementation plans 
  • Goal and target setting (methane intensity, carbon intensity, and Net Zero) 
  • Methane intensity evaluation and peer benchmarking 
  • Emission reduction planning, including marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs) 
  • Stakeholder engagement and internal education and policy development 

Community Outreach and Engagement


  • Environmental Justice program development and review
  • Public health risk assessment
  • Super-emitter affirmative defense preparation

Emission Reporting Support


  • Electronic reporting submittal tools
  • Annual sustainability reporting
  • Data collection and validation support
  • Reporting tool updates based on applicable regulations and requirements

Permitting and Compliance


  • State and federal regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Site investigations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Pipeline, drilling, and construction permitting
  • Expert testimony

Connect with a methane expert

We’d love to support you as you navigate your path forward on sustainable business growth within the context of the rapidly changing methane regulatory landscape. For more information, please reach out below.

Elizabeth McGurk
Managing Consultant, Sustainability and Climate Advisory

Elizabeth is a highly-experienced air quality program manager with expertise in the fields of greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification and mitigation, oil and gas sustainability framework implementation, regulatory analysis, and auditing. Her passion is in leveraging measurement-informed data to inform effective mitigation efforts, and she is proud to have supported OGMP 2.0 projects worldwide. Elizabeth has a strong background in delivering technical trainings and excels in distilling and presenting complex information, impacts, and solutions to various stakeholders. She leads diverse teams and has conducted complex environmental projects, both regulatorily and voluntarily driven, for clients in carbon-intensive industries. She specializes in assisting clients with Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 GHG emissions quantification and reporting as well as in developing practical, real-world carbon reduction strategies.

Meet the Methane Experts at Montrose

Jenna Granstra
Director of Gulf Coast Operations
Jared Metcalf
Jared Metcalf
Vice President of US OGI Operations
Josh Anhalf Headshot
Joshua Anhalt
VP Technology – Emission Solutions
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