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Peter Arth

Director, Environmental Toxicology at Enthalpy Analytical

Peter Arth is an environmental scientist with a passion for applying an understanding of the intersection of toxicology, biology, ecology, and chemistry to understand, navigate, and solve complex environmental issues. Over the course of his career in environmental laboratory services and consulting, he’s held positions as an analyst, project manager, and operations manager. He is currently the Director of Enthalpy Analytical’s Environmental Toxicology division where he oversees its technical, financial, and strategic success.

Peter has led laboratory-driven toxicological programs for commercial, industrial, governmental, and academic partners. He is well-versed in all aspects of performing and interpreting toxicity tests under guidelines published by a variety of regulatory agencies. His primary technical focus and expertise is the design, performance, and interpretation of site-specific toxicity investigations in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments. He has been engaged in Toxicity Identification Evaluations and other toxicity testing method development and adaptation, advocated for novel uses of bioassays as regulatory and risk assessment tools, and has presented his work at meetings and conferences across the country..

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