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Sustainability and Climate Advisory

Sustainability and Climate Advisory

Solutions to today’s sustainability challenges require integrated planning and systems thinking to achieve near-term results and prepare for the future. Montrose is uniquely positioned to deliver on the entire range of services needed to address the rapidly evolving sustainability landscape and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. Led by Montrose’s Sustainability and Climate Advisory team, we are ready to meet you where you are – whether just starting on this journey or working to translate ambition into meaningful action. More than consultants, we advise our clients on how to integrate sustainability into strategic decision-making, navigate an achievable path to net zero and other ESG goals, and meet stakeholder expectations in order to manage risk and create value. In short, we advise our clients on sustainability that makes business sense.

Our Core Services

Sustainability Advisory

Climate Advisory

Sustainability Strategy, Planning, Execution, and Governance

  • Leadership engagement
  • Materiality assessments 
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Goal and target setting  
  • Performance assessments and gap analyses
  • Issue-specific policy and program development 
  • Action planning for goal achievement 
  • Enterprise-wide ESG governance and integration

Sustainability/ESG Reporting and Education

  • Sustainability and ESG reporting
    • Alignment with key frameworks (e.g., SASB, GRI, CSRD, IFRS S1)
    • Content and design
  • Employee, executive, and Board engagement, communication, and training 
  • ESG ratings and rankings analysis, prioritization, and improvement initiatives (e.g., ISS, MSCI)
  • ESG survey responses (e.g., Ecovadis)

Climate Impact

  • Scope 1 and 2 GHG inventories 
  • Scope 3 GHG screening and inventories
  • Near-term, long-term, and net zero science-based target-setting 
  • Lifecycle assessments
  • Decarbonization strategy and execution: 
    • Emissions reduction project identification and research
    • Cost/benefit analysis
    • Project planning and oversight
  • Supplier engagement
  • GHG reporting and disclosures (e.g., CDP, California SB 253 Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act)

Climate Risk

  • Climate-related risk and opportunity identification and assessment
    • Transition risk
    • Physical risk
  • Scenario analysis
  • Financial impact quantification
  • Risk management planning
  • Climate adaptation project research, planning, and oversight
  • Climate risk disclosures (e.g., CDP, TCFD/IFRS S2, California SB 261 Climate-related Financial Risk Act)

Our Specialty Services

Along with our core services, we work closely with the full suite of Montrose’s brands and lines of business to offer a specialized, interdisciplinary approach to some of our clients’ most challenging sustainability and climate issues. Examples of these specialty services include:

Differentiated Natural Gas

  • Framework review, selection, and application (e.g., OGMP 2.0, MiQ, etc.) 
  • Implementation plan development  
  • Technology evaluation and pilot studies
  • Direct measurement campaign program management
  • Emissions reporting 
  • Emissions factor development
  • Source- and site-level emissions reconciliation

In addition, the Montrose Air Quality Services team provides best-in-class stack testing, traditional leak detection and repair (LDAR) and optical gas imaging (OGI)/measurement, and ambient (i.e., site-level) monitoring capabilities to execute your direct measurement campaigns. Montrose also partners with a specialty provider to undertake flare performance monitoring.

Environmental Justice (EJ)

  • EJ assessments and current state analyses 
  • Facility-level EJ screening 
  • EJ policy and program development 
  • Environmental permit support  
  • Training and communications

In addition, our applied public health team at CTEH – including senior toxicologists and epidemiologists – are experts in designing and executing cumulative impact assessments, taking a scientific approach to identifying and evaluating potential risks.

Montrose’s Sensible EDP solution can also be deployed in support of EJ considerations, collecting and visualizing data from air monitoring sensors in a single, cloud-based platform for internal or public use.

Our Approach

We approach our role of sustainability and climate advisors as a partnership with our clients, and we approach each project with a sense of urgency and a commitment to adding value. Addressing today’s and tomorrow’s sustainability challenges requires multidisciplinary expertise, innovative strategies, and boots-on-the-ground experience to ensure those strategies are implementable. Montrose brings these elements to every project we deliver. On top of that, we’re nimble and flexible, we’re passionate and creative, and we are walking the talk ourselves.

Jami B. Patrick
Vice President, Sustainability and Climate Advisory

Jami has over 25 years of experience working collaboratively with clients and teams across multiple industries, addressing sustainability challenges through solutions that make business sense. She provides support via a ‘boots to boardroom’ approach, spanning from sustainability strategy and planning to program development and implementation, performance management, and reporting. With experience in environmental, safety, and health (EHS) management systems, Jami has a solid understanding of operational realities and a foundation for helping clients translate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ambitions into actions. She has experience in liaising with all levels of an organization and working internationally in multicultural environments. Her breadth of experience includes ESG materiality assessments, stakeholder engagement, performance benchmarking, goal setting, program implementation, reporting, and sustainability data management.

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