Peter Zemek

Peter Zemek, PhD

Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology

Dr. Zemek has more than 30 years of experience integrating emerging technologies into process and environmental applications in air, soil, and groundwater for clients globally. As a standard operating procedure, he uses the latest science and engineering innovations to architect cost-effective and efficient solutions for clients of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. He also develops effective solutions to solve highly technical requirements and consistently applies new platforms and investments in SSL and other technologies to solve real-world problems.

Highlighted Publications and Presentations

Guide to FTIR technology for compliance testing, performance specification, and CEM of target Gases, ICAC, May 1, 2013.

US EPA Hazwopper 40 hr. Certification, US Environmental Protection Agency

More than 30 presentations on emissions measurement and product development at various trade conferences and committees

Professional Highlights

Pacific Environmental Services, Principal Investigator, EPA Subcontractor NESHAPs

DECCO, Inc., Senior Project Manager, Special Projects

Enthalpy Analytical, Project Manager Field Services

Vector Scientific, LLC., CEO

MIDAC Corporation, Senior Scientist and Global Applications Department Manager

MKS Instruments, Inc., Principal Applications Engineer Scientist, Global Applications

MKS Instruments – Process & Environmental Analysis Group, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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