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Environmental Transaction Advisory Solutions

Environmental Transaction Advisory

We specialize in providing Environmental Transaction Advisory services for strategic and private investors focused on highly regulated sectors and industries.

We help our clients quantify and manage financial risk associated with emerging or potential environmental, regulatory, and/or legacy matters. Our team provides customized services for strategic investment, growth, acquisition and divestment processes. Transaction Advisory’s specialized offerings are intended to identify and assess material risks early and offer long-term solutions to limit exposure by evaluating EHS management, supply chain, governance structures, and compliance protocols.

Let our team be your integrated and trusted partner, offering a seamless solutions with in-house capabilities. Our core expertise lies in the Private Equity sector, where dedicated subject matter experts navigate the entire investment lifecycle. We excel in landscape awareness, staying attuned to macroeconomic and regulatory changes while harnessing technology to pivot swiftly in response to market dynamics, aligning with industry risk tolerance. Our commitment is to provide not just advisory services, but to deliver real-time solutions that adapt to ever-changing conditions. With our holistic approach, we not only add value but also create fresh opportunities by leveraging market insights, making us your ideal partner in achieving success through environmental financial risk management.

4 Stages of Investment Cycle

  • Investment thesis and aligning with ESG goals
  • Environmental claims validation & proof of concept
  • Full transaction diligence
  • Full gap analysis & corrective action estimation
  • Legacy and corporate liability evaluation
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Stakeholder communication and reporting
  • Integrational Efficiency
  • ESG/EHS corrective actions implementation & ongoing compliance
  • Add-on acquisition and integration
  • Facility Consolidation
  • Sell side support
  • Updated diligence
  • Data management
  • Summary of historical reports, data, etc.
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