With ultrasound technology, operators efficiently detect and pinpoint the high-frequency turbulent flow of gas leaks.

Our ultrasound leak detection services help clients to:

  • Maximize carbon offset revenues
  • Detect nitrogen purge and pressure leaks
  • Commission new systems and minimize product loss

We utilize the Distran Ultra Pro imaging camera to identify specific sounds of pressurized gas leaks in compressed air systems and nitrogen-pressurized systems. Equipped with 124 ultrasound microphones, the device quickly detects the source of a leak and then visualizes the leak’s location and position. This technology enables us to identify and fix leaks before the product is introduced into a system, helping our clients avoid loss.

We also leverage the Ultraprobe device to detect the otherwise inaudible rushing sound of a valve leak, including in systems that comprise multiple valves feeding into a single vent pipe.

Ultrasound Leak Detection of Instrument Air Systems

Our ultrasound leak detection services offer:

  • Assurances that metered air volumes are not overestimated
  • A minimized risk to offset revenue
  • Proof to offset verifiers that the Discount Rate Values for Quantification equals 0%
  • Confirmations and updates of all end devices consuming instrument air
  • An opportunity to reduce running hours of existing equipment, resulting in less wear and tear

We offer standalone instrument air system surveys and can deploy ultrasound inspections combined with regulatory surveys.

Ultrasound Nitrogen Leak Detection Service

We assist in facility start-up and turnaround. With our ultrasound leak detection technology and trained operators, our clients see:

  • Faster paths to production
  • Reduced labor (e.g., no more taping flanges)
  • Minimized dewatering and freezing issues
  • Quicker start-ups since leak detection can be completed during nitrogen purge and pressure stages

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