Rock Vitale, CEAC, Chemistry

Rock Vitale, CEAC

Technical Director, Chemistry

With nearly 40 years of consulting chemistry experience, Rock Vitale has been dedicated to fluorochemistry projects, now known as PFAS, for the past two decades. As the founder and Principal of Environmental Standards, Rock Vitale oversees a team of approximately 35 quality assurance chemists, directing technical and managerial aspects of the company’s operations. As technical director, Rock oversees:

Laboratory Audits: Rock Vitale’s extensive experience includes conducting audits of commercial PFAS laboratories on behalf of industrial clients. His expertise ensures the accuracy and reliability of PFAS data.

Data Validation: He specializes in performing third-party critical validation of PFAS groundwater data at multiple sites across the nation, contributing to the robustness of PFAS research and assessments.

Legal Support: Rock plays a vital role in assisting industrial clients with legal and litigation efforts related to PFAS, particularly in matters involving fingerprinting and forensics. His expertise covers both environmental and consumer product issues, making him a valuable asset in PFAS-related legal cases.

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