Natural Resource Planning Service


Montrose works with private industry and governments at all levels on ecosystem planning restoration, permitting, development, and ecosystem consulting. We conduct studies and develop environmental documents that comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA); Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA); the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA); the Oil Pollution Act (OPA); the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA); the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); and other state and federal directives.

We have the technical expertise and professional experience to handle environmental permitting, planning, compliance, ecological, and liability management support for projects of all sizes, complexities, and levels of controversy, as well as ongoing relationships with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Department of the Interior (USDOI), Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

As environmental markets emerge to capture the inherent value of ecosystem assets and services, it’s essential for decision makers to understand their choices — and how they affect the social, environmental, and economic benefits associated with an ecosystem asset. We’re ready to lead that process, with a team of national and international leaders in ecosystem service valuation strategies and environmental liability management who’ve worked in more than 35 U.S. states and 15 countries. We guide clients on the best response to issues that have natural-resource implications, and develop solutions to environmental challenges that deliver long-term value — taking into account both ecological and socioeconomic valuation.

NEPA & CEQA Compliance Documents


Montrose has extensive experience working with cities, counties, states, Native American tribal governments, federal agencies, special districts, and the private sector to complete required field surveys, prepare technical studies, and facilitate compliance with NEPA, CEQA, and related environmental regulations. We have successfully planned and prepared NEPA/CEQA compliance documentation for thousands of development projects, ranging from straightforward to highly controversial projects. We routinely prepare permit applications and environmental documents for a wide range of industries including energy, oil and gas, transportation infrastructure, and residential and commercial development. We regularly work on engagements involving water and wastewater; federal agency funding; water rights applications and petitions; wetland and waters of US permitting; habitat enhancement and restoration; erosion control, timber harvest/conversion, and resource management plans; and tribal projects and federal fee to trust transfers.

  • NEPA Documentation
    • Environmental Assessments (EA)
    • Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI)
    • Scoping Reports
    • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
    • Records of Decision (ROD)
    • Response to Comments Received During Public Review Periods
  • CEQA Documentation
    • Initial Studies (IS)
    • Negative Declarations (ND)/Mitigated Negative Declarations (MND)
    • Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and EIR Addendums
    • Statement of Findings or Statement of Overriding Considerations
    • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plans
    • Determination of Biologically Equivalent or Superior Preservation (DBESP) Reports
    • Responses to Comments Received During Public Review Periods

Native-American Environmental Services


Montrose provides specialized tribal environmental services and development of NEPA-compliant documents, completing projects for more than 100 tribes in 13 states.

  • NEPA Compliance for Casino Development, including Preparation of EAs, FONSIs, and EISs
  • Fee-to-Trust Applications and Processing
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grant Projects
  • Reservation Master Land Use Plans
  • Tribal-State Compact Environmental Compliance (Tribal EIRs and EEs)
  • Grant Writing and Grant Management
  • Environmental Protection Plans and Ordinances
  • Indian Trust Asset Impact Analysis
  • Native American Consultation Assistance

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)


Montrose works with clients who may be liable for injury to natural resources caused by the release of hazardous substances into the environment, helping them understand NRDA liability, characterize potential injury to natural resources and associated services, develop and scale compensatory restoration, and negotiate NRD settlements with state, federal, and tribal natural resource trustees. Learn more about NRDA.

  • Emergency Response to Support NRDA Liability-Management Activities
  • Resources at Risk (RAR) Analysis
  • Natural-Resource and Socioeconomic Valuation
  • Ecological and Human Use Injury Determination
  • Compensatory Restoration-Based Scaling and Valuation
  • Habitat and Resource Equivalency Analyses (HEA and REA)
  • Event-Based GIS Mapping and Web-based Information Management Systems
  • NRDA Liability and Strategy Development
  • Technical-Study Design and Implementation
  • Trustee Negotiation Support
  • Litigation and Expert Witness Support
  • Natural Resource Planning Services

Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA)


Using ecosystem service valuation concepts in an alternative decision-making process, Montrose gives decision-makers the information and understanding they need to make informed choices about the net benefits of actions affecting the environment — helping to reduce and manage costs, manage site risks, and maximize benefits to the environment and the public. Learn more about NEBA.

  • Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Oil Spill Response and Protections Strategies
  • Risk-based Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives and Design Optimization
  • Land Portfolio Management and Surplus Property Valuation (Eco-Assets)
  • Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship Demonstration
  • Land Development Planning and Re-Use Designs
  • NEPA/CEQA Documentation Support
  • Mitigation/Restoration Scaling (How Much Is Enough?)
  • Restoration and Recreational Area Designs
  • Thermal and Impingement/Entrainment Issues
  • Watershed Planning
  • Litigation and Expert Witness Support

Land Use Planning, Compatibility, & Constraints Analysis


Montrose performs constraints analyses that address multiple key factors, so clients can identify and assess environmental conditions that may affect future uses of property for a particular project.

  • Land Use Compatibility and Policy Consistency
  • Biological Resources, including Wetlands, Threatened and Endangered Species, and Key Habitats
  • Public Services, including Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
  • Hydrology, Drainage, and Flooding
  • Cultural Resources
  • NEBA for Land Use Decision-Making

Biological Resources & Permitting


The Montrose biological resources team includes experts certified and trained in several specialized fields and deeply knowledgeable about biological standards, guidelines, and regulatory compliance at the federal, state, and local levels.

  • Biological and Special-Status Species Surveys
  • Permitting (Including Sections 404, 401, and 1600)
  • Consultation (Sections 7 and 10)
  • Biological Reports (Biological Assessments, Biological Resource Assessments, etc.)
  • Habitat Preserve Management
  • Ecological Habitat Characterizations
  • Property Assessment Report (PAR) Preparation
  • Mitigation and Conservation Bank Creation/Approval
  • Biological Monitoring for Construction

Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology


Montrose staff includes certified fisheries professionals experienced in biological, chemical, and physical assessments in aquatic habitats related to coastal marine and inland freshwater resources.

  • Marine and Freshwater Fisheries Expertise
  • Benthic Invertebrate and Fish Population Surveys
  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sampling and Assessments
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Analysis
  • Fish Kill Surveys
  • Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) Development
  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Video Analysis

Oil-Spill Response & Tactical Planning


Montrose has global expertise in oil-spill response and planning (OSRP), supporting clients in pre-planning, incident response, and post-incident support. Our team has participated in numerous oil-spill emergency responses, plus numerous drills and pre-planning workshops, giving us both the knowledge and real-world insight to help clients manage and limit potential liabilities.

  • Pre-Incident Support and NRDA Liability Management
  • Tactical Response Plans
  • Oil-Spill Drill Support for NRDA Activities and Environmental Assessment
  • Emergency Response for Spill-Related NRDA and Environmental Assessments
  • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team Support (SCAT Surveys)
  • Post-Spill Technical Support for NRDA Injury and Restoration Evaluations
  • Oil-Spill Modeling and Mass Balance Estimation

Cultural Resources Surveys & Reporting


Specialists in Montrose’s cultural resources unit have in-depth working knowledge of cultural resources standards, guidance, and regulatory compliance at federal, state, and local levels. They also meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for Archaeology, History, and Architectural History.

  • Background and Archival Research
  • Cultural Resource Inventories and Evaluation of Cultural Resources
  • Archaeological Site Testing and Data Recovery
  • Consultation with Native Americans, Governmental Agencies, and Other Interested Parties
  • Preparation of Technical Reports for CEQA and NEPA Compliance
  • Laboratory Processing and Artifact Analysis
  • Development of Mitigation and Treatment Measures
  • Preparation of Research Designs, Data Recovery Plans, and Inadvertent Discovery Plans
  • Archaeological and Historical Preservation Plans
  • Construction Monitoring and Cultural Resources Training
  • Section 106 Consultations and Compliance
  • Identification of Constituents of Concern
  • Agency Consultation
  • Monitoring Plan Development
  • Laboratory Selection and Coordination
  • Field Sampling using Standard Operating Procedures
  • Analysis of Results
  • Monitoring Report Preparation

Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment


Montrose toxicologists and environmental scientists take full advantage of the flexibilities offered in regulatory programs to refine risk estimates to be as site-specific as possible, utilizing appropriate scientific approaches to conduct the most cost-effective risk assessments.

  • Site-specific Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Chemical-specific Toxicological Analyses
  • Design, Conduct, and Interpretation of Field and Laboratory Toxicological Studies
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Planning and Strategy Development

Air-Quality & Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions Analysis and Permitting


Montrose provides a wide range of air-quality modeling, permitting, and impact assessment services, working with legal experts, jurisdictional agencies, and public and private clients to ensure full compliance with a host of regulatory requirements.

  • Permit to Construct or Operate
  • CARB Mandatory Reporting Verification
  • CARB Offset Verification
  • CARB Mandatory Reporting
  • Title V and District Permitting
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air-Quality and GHG-Emissions Modeling, including CalEEMOD, CALINE4, and MOBILE6
  • Air-Quality Impact Assessments
  • Emission Reduction and Mitigation Programs
  • Health Risk Assessments and Modeling
  • Visual Emissions Evaluations
  • Odor-Impact Analysis
  • Hotspots Analysis
  • GHG Inventories
  • Climate Action Plans
  • General Conformity Review and Determinations

Erosion Control & Storm-Water-Pollution Prevention Plan Preparation


Montrose offers a full suite of professional services for storm water compliance, including water-quality sampling and analysis and surface-water rapid bio-assessments. Our team has extensive expertise in preparing SWPPPs, with a deep working knowledge of current state and federal NPDES general permitting requirements.

  • Compliance with EPA and State RWQCB NPDES Regulations
  • Stormwater Multi-Application Reporting and Tracking System (SMARTS) Database
  • Potential Pollutant Source (PPS) List Development
  • Spill Response and Implementation Plans (SRIP) Preparation
  • Construction Site Monitoring Program (CSMP) Development
  • Development of Rain Event Action Plans (REAP) using the Best Available Technology (BAT)
  • Identification of Sampling and Analysis Strategy and Sampling Schedule for Discharges
  • Stormwater Compliance Inspections, Water Quality Sampling, Monitoring and Reporting Pursuant to the CGP
  • Conducting Rapid Bio-Assessments Using RWQCB-Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Protocols (SWAMP) and SOPs

Additional Services


  • Noise Monitoring and Assessments
  • Hazardous Materials or Petroleum Products Site Assessments
  • Geographic Information Systems/Graphic Design
  • Complex Database Design and Management
  • Public Meeting Participation and Facilitation
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