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Environmental Sustainability Solutions

At Montrose, sustainability is not merely a concept we discuss; it is deeply embedded in the fabric of our business. Our mission is clear:

We help protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that feeds us.

We are committed to creating a positive and lasting impact on our planet and within our society. This commitment translates to integrating sustainability practices into our day-to-day operations. As a provider of environmental sustainability solutions, consulting, and monitoring, we also recognize that our most significant impact stems from the work we do with our clients.

One Montrose: 2022 Sustainability Report

We are proud of the advancements we have made in progressing our overall sustainability strategy and in increasing the scope of our disclosures to meet stakeholder expectations.  In addition to reporting on our impacts – both through our own operations as well as through our innovative client work – our 2022 Sustainability Report announces two important long-term goals: Montrose is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and attaining gender balance across the organization by the same year.  Learn more about these commitments – and our innovative solutions – in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Our Priorities and Commitments

In 2022, we conducted our first formal materiality assessment to better understand the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders, our impacts, our risks, and our business opportunities, so that we can direct our efforts and our resources towards the issues most material to Montrose. While all of the sustainability topics identified in our initial research are important, certain issues warrant more proactive focus in order to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and enhancing the resiliency of our business.

To support our progress in those areas deemed most material, Montrose has established two long-term goals:

We have committed to net zero via the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). As part of this commitment, we will also set near-term (e.g., 2030) GHG reduction targets. Once our targets are set, we will develop emissions reduction action plans to enable target and goal achievement.

We commit to achieving and maintaining gender balance across our workforce. We will also continue our work to achieve and maintain gender pay equity.

Our Positive Impacts Through Client Work

As a leading environmental solutions company, we recognize our role in solving the world’s greatest environmental challenges, and we commit to doing so responsibly and with our stakeholders in mind. Our innovative technologies, processes, and applications address existing and emergent issues, such as public health and air quality concerns, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and GHG emission reduction strategies and reporting. By leveraging the expertise of our workforce, implementing innovative scientific solutions, and accredited testing services, we deliver and create meaningful contributions. Learn more about our innovative client work through the following examples:

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