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Environmental, Health and Safety, & Security (EHSS)

EHSS – Auditing and Management Programs

As your trusted advisor addressing EHSS liabilities and risk, we specialize in providing regulatory compliance consulting through applicability determinations, regulatory program development, and auditing and assessments.

Our seasoned team have audited, developed, and reviewed numerous EHSS​ regulatory compliance management programs. Our EHSS solutions include EHSS Regulatory Compliance Auditing, Compliance Management Programs (include those under ISO frameworks), PSM Auditing and Program Development, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Management of Change (MOC), Incident Investigation, and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) consulting.

Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

We perform Regulatory Compliance Auditing across a broad range of EHSS (Environmental, Health, Safety and Security) topics. Working with our clients to define the audit scope, so that audits not only evaluate regulatory obligations but also business objectives and company risk by providing lead auditors, auditors, and full audit teams as needed. Each audit report is tailored for purpose and designed to present clear and concise reports in a useable format focusing on the point of noncompliance/ nonconformance from applicable standards to assist the reader in understanding the context of the issue identified.

  • Experienced Audit Program Managers, Lead Auditors, Auditors
  • Credentialed (e.g., CPEA, ISO, CQA) auditors
  • Credentialed practitioners (e.g., CSP, CIH, CHMM, REM, PE)
  • Subject Matter Experts Environmental (multi-media and broad environmental regulatory scope); Health and Safety (Process Safety, chemical safety, incident investigation, and process and risk evaluation); and Security (DOT, USCG, and CFAT)
  • Experience in conducting audits required by Consent Decrees, and privileged and confidential audits at the direction of counsel and in support of litigation
  • Experience across multiple industries (Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Paper & Pulp, Forward and Reverse Logistics, Manufacturing, Cruise Lines, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Distribution)
  • Experience in Auditing Corporate Audit Programs
  • Experience conducting Waste Vendor Audits

Montrose has significant and deep experience developing and evaluating compliance management programs including ISO programs for Environment, Energy, and Safety. Our experts are typically engaged to conduct gap assessments to evaluate the existing program against applicable standards and frameworks and then to develop and implement actions to close identified gaps in conjunction with client input to ensure the program aligns with the business’s needs and risk profile. We also heavily support internal audits of compliance management programs typically required as part of ongoing program maintenance and continual improvement obligations.

  • Experienced Compliance Program Managers, Compliance Program Developers
  • Experienced ISO Program Managers, ISO Program Developers
  • Experience generating legal registers and compliance tasking
  • Experience in documenting activities, products, services and in conducting aspects/impact assessments.
  • Experience across industries (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage)

OSHA standard 1910.119 requires that compliance audits of a company’s process safety management (PSM) procedures and processes be completed every three years. Our experts can help you with all areas of regulatory compliance and ensure that your regulatory compliance tasks are fully integrated with your other daily business tasks. Our personnel have assisted many of our clients in developing systems to track and monitor daily activities and consulting every step of the way for a compliance audit.

Our experts are also experienced performing the companion Risk Management Planning (RMP) audits and developing risk management plans themselves.

  • Highly experienced (30+ years), credentialed Lead Auditors/Auditors (CPEA, CPSA, PE)
  • Experience across industries (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Refining, Food & Beverage, Paper & Pulp)

Our personnel can work alongside your team to lead PHA revalidations, new unit PHAs, LOPA studies, and process safety improvements in your facility. For 30+ years, several major companies have counted on our process safety services.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) 

We can assist you in identifying all potential hazards, conducting a thorough analysis of all of your systems and operations, and developing plans and procedures to ensure safety standards and systems are in place in the future.

We utilize the HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) method in completing PHAs with our clients and facilitate a team-oriented, holistic process with the integral technical and safety members of your organization to identify improvement for your processes.

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) 

Our team-oriented LOPA process ensures you have all of the necessary safeguards to keep your process safe. LOPA can be an intimidating process, but our experience, since the beginning, of incorporating a LOPA approach into the PHA has helped to simplify it for the analysis team.

  • Highly experienced (30+ years), credentialed PHA/LOPA Leaders
  • Efficient and effective PHA/LOPA scribes
  • Experience across industries (OIl & Gas, Chemical, Refining)

Management of Change (MOC) is a critical component of process safety management. Our team can provide assistance in all aspects of MOC including MOC program development/update, implementation, training and management, as detailed below:

  • Procedure and form development/implementation for manual paper based MOC systems 
  • MOC system conversions from paper based to electronic – including software selection & implementation  
  • MOC system management:
    • Ensuring MOCs are progressed properly and promptly through the system
    • Establishing and tracking performance metrics
    • Assisting in MOC hazard analysis
    • Assisting in PSI updating
    • Initial and refresher training for the established roles in the MOC system
    • Periodic internal audits of the MOC system 

Incident Investigation is a key element in Process safety.  An effective incident investigation allows the facility to understand what happened, to identify the root cause(s) that contributed to the incident, and to take action to address the root cause(s) identified to reduce the risk that a similar incident may occur in the future. We also focus our investigations on all contributing causes to help improve all areas identified as contributors to the event. Utilizing trained and experienced incident investigators, we can lead or assist your internal incident investigation teams to produce incident investigation reports and develop actions to address root causes.

  • Experienced and trained incident investigation leaders/team members

PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) is responsible for regulating and ensuring the safe and secure movement of hazardous materials to industry and consumers by all modes of transportation, including pipelines.  Our team has experience in both the hazardous materials regulations and the pipeline safety regulations.  In addition, we have specific experience with API Recommended Practice 1173, Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS), including safety management system development, implementation and auditing.

  • Experienced practitioners (former EHS managers/specialists with responsibility for DOT regulations)
  • Experienced and trained PSMS auditors.

Meet the EHS Experts at Montrose

Mike Green, PH.D, MBA, CPEA
Principal/Senior Advisor
Shaun Gilday, CPEA, PMP
EHS Principal
Dan Wilczynski
Process Safety Professional
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