Webinar: Tips for short-term, long-term CEM programs




Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are used to monitor flue gas emissions as a means to comply with federal and state air emission standards. At times, a temporary CEMS is necessary to ensure continuous compliance status.  Common reasons for needing a temporary CEMS include: permanent CEMS installation is not available during unit startup, permanent CEMS does not meet reliability requirements, upgrades or repairs to a permanent CEMS, a predictive emissions monitoring system is being modeled and validated, or using on temporary sources, i.e., rental boilers or flares. Temporary CEMS are also used during engineering programs to allow plant engineers to vary critical operating parameters or abatement system conditions and track the results on unit emissions.

During this Q&A style panel session, our industry experts will provide valuable insight into temporary CEMS reporting, data collection, and program start-up steps. They will also share their experience with system installation, remote operation, and discuss the requirements of temporary CEMS data used for compliance applicability purposes.

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