Our revolutionary Real Time Platform is both customizable IoT software and a data aggregation tool that links advanced data analytics and reporting to continuous, real time air monitoring. Our Real Time Platform is more than software: it’s a decision support system.

Why Real Time Platform?

Real Time Platform means integrated services, data analytics, automated reporting, cost savings, risk reduction, QAQC progress, and development of SMART environmental solutions. It means real time change for your organization and being system-agnostic, you can be sure that your platform syncs with other sensors regardless of make and model and your dashboards visualize, report and map your data accurately. Real Time allows you to evaluate, decide and respond immediately and decisively.

Real Time Platform Services

Real Time Platform closes knowledge gaps and eliminates expensive delays during critical incidents. Your monitors are synced to the Real Time Platform making leak detections and incident reporting almost instantaneous.

You’ll get incident detection alerts, data analyses, and scope assessments that save time, money, and resources. Real Time Platform enables faster response times and containment; damage and threat mitigations; comprehensive and efficient recoveries; responsible and thorough post-incident assessments.

Being efficient increases profits. And Real Time Platform allows your organization to operate day to day with fewer errors, greater production outputs, and reduced costs from labor-intensive administrative tasks.

Real Time Platform improves the efficiency of your organization by giving you greater opportunity to develop R&D, build upon your portfolio, enter new markets, and expand your current operations.

Real Time Platform offers aggressive data management and enables greater productivity: you’ll produce more with fewer cost outlays and resource wastes. Your efficiency gains keep you ahead of your competition in environmental spaces, including power generation, chemical manufacturing, oil, gas, and natural gas, manufacturing, and real estate development.

Monitoring data is essential to your enterprise. Real Time Platform’s centralized data storage solution not only provides users with a complete view of your data, but also secures it. Access and archiving are easier, faster, streamlined processes. From raw collected data to reporting, permitting, and other administrative recordkeeping, your content is secured.

A single Real Time Platform system increases your data’s integrity. It eases traditional data storage pain points, such as retrieval, portability, redundancy, maintenance, and expenditures.

Transform your field data into a customized, easy to read dashboard. You have a clear view of what’s happening on-site in real time. Easy to read dashboards, monitors, and visuals mean faster, environmentally responsible, economically strategic solutioning.

You’ll love the control and the precision of a Real Time Platform tailored to your organization’s specifications. Flexible dashboard design gives the exact product you’re looking for and Real Time Platform provides all of what you need and none of what you don’t.

Custom solutions lead to cost savings and leaner operations. Lead your competition with Real Time Platform’s future-forward software and decision support system.

Validate field data with automated modular QC controls. Build client and agency confidence with real time data inspired reporting, permitting, investigatory responses, and more, including:

  • NEPA Documentation: EA; FONSI; EIS; ROD; Scoping
  • CEQA Documentation: IS, ND/MND; EIR and EIR Addenda; DBESP; Statements of Findings

Strategic Enterprise KPIs

  • Grow enterprise KPIs from ROIs, revenues, market shares, gross profit margins, and more.
  • Gain sales and marketing insights.

Operational KPIs

  • Integrate current and future sensor technologies.
  • Dynamic data management coupled with real time decision support.
  • Shorten incident response times
  • Enable agile adjustments during incidents.

Communications Compliance

  • Simplified access to process documentation
  • Single knowledge content repository for job aids, SOPs, workflows, and more.
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