Webinar: HON MACT Fenceline Monitoring: Requirements, Challenges and Solutions

New Air Emissions Reporting Requirements are Coming

Stay Informed! The U.S. EPA is set to finalize the HON MACT fenceline monitoring requirements on March 31, 2024, impacting 200+ U.S. synthetic organic chemical manufacturing facilities, polymers, and resin producers. Join us to delve into the details of this crucial update.

Key Points:

  • Fenceline monitoring takes center stage with significant and ongoing requirements.
  • Method 325A/B and Method 327 will be crucial for fenceline sample collection and analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring techniques will be employed for action-level exceedances.

Why Montrose Environmental Group?

As industry leaders, we’re uniquely equipped to guide you through the intricacies of HON MACT compliance. From fenceline monitoring implementation and in-field sample collection to laboratory analysis, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless process. With a unified data platform and real-time monitoring, Montrose Environmental Group is your partner in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Our Services:

  • Fenceline Monitoring Implementation/Citing
  • In-Field Sample Collection
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Unified Data Platform
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Root Cause Investigation of Exceedances

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