Webinar: Unlocking Brownfields & Community Revitalization Success



Chris Gdak, Brownfield and Community Revitalization Practice Lead, Montrose
Steve Koenigsberg,
Senior Principal, Montrose
Jonah Jackson, PE, 3D Visualization and Analysis Practice Leader, Montrose
Mayrose Munar, Strategy & Development Lead, Kaunalewa
Julie Saqueton, Director of Community Development, St. Philip’s


The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Justice40 Initiative represent historic levels of investment for disadvantaged communities overburdened by pollution and a legacy of discriminative practices. These and other local, state and federal resources can be leveraged to address Environmental Justice (EJ) issues, remediation and reduction of pollution, climate change, and provide affordable/sustainable housing and critical infrastructure. This webinar is hosted by a multi-disciplinary panel of subject matter experts who discuss their experience in helping diverse clientele achieve their environmental justice, brownfield redevelopment and community revitalization goals.

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