Webinar: Everyone Wins. How NEBA-CA can create the best offshore infrastructure decommissioning solution



Joe Nicolette, VP of Ecosystem Service Economics
Nicolas Nelson, Scientist, Ecosystem Service Economics
Mark Rockel, PhD, Senior Principal, Ecosystem Service Economics


What if the best decommissioning solution for your offshore infrastructure could be to leave it in place? The Net Environmental Benefit Analysis-Comparative Assessment framework, or NEBA-CA, creates win-win solutions for operators, government, ecology, and the public.

In this webinar, our subject matter experts explore a decision-making framework that effectively incorporates quantified ecosystem service values associated with offshore energy infrastructure. When considering commissioning and decommissioning alternatives, we discuss how integrating the flow of ecosystem services provided by energy infrastructure is critical since these decisions, directly and indirectly, affect future generations.

Through a combination of case studies, literature review, and guidance by our Ecosystem Service Economics experts, we will demonstrate how this framework benefits all involved in offshore infrastructure decommissioning.

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