Natural Resource Damage Assessment: A science-based framework to manage your liability.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment
Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Brochure: Managing Your Liability: Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Services

NRDA Brochure Overview

A Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) is a legally and technically enforceable process, according to state and federal U.S. laws, which establishes the payment to the public for ecological and socioeconomic ecosystem services that were harmed by the release of oil or hazardous substances into the environment. NRDA is used to determine the damage to ecological and social public trust resources and create sufficient restorative measures to make up for the lost resources.

Montrose biologists, ecologists, resource economists, chemists, and restoration specialists offer comprehensive technical and strategic guidance to our clients throughout the whole NRDA process. Their services include pre-incident planning, emergency response support, injury quantification, post-incident assessment, and scaled restoration strategies.

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