Montrose PFAS expert, David Kempisty, featured in latest edition of SAME’s The Military Engineer

PFAS, Testing, Samples, Water

David Kempisty, Ph.D., P.E., authored “100% PFAS Compliance with Regenerable Ion Exchange Resin (RIEX)” in the Society of American Military Engineers TME’s Jan-Feb 2024 issue. Learn from Australia’s successful RIEX system, operational since May 2019, showcasing efficiency, sustainability, and waste reduction in PFAS removal. Read the full article to see the latest advancements in full-scale PFAS treatment with Dave’s insights. View the TME digital magazine here.

About SAME  

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is a prominent organization that unites professionals across architecture, engineering, construction, and related disciplines to tackle national security infrastructure challenges. With nearly 28,000 members, including recent graduates, retired military officers, and corporate executives, SAME operates globally through 100 Posts and offers extensive training and professional development opportunities. The organization’s structure includes Student Chapters, Field Chapters, Communities of Interest, and more. Governed by a volunteer Board of Direction, SAME collaborates with diverse stakeholders to enhance national security.   

About TME  

TME—The Military Engineer, in publication since 1909, serves as the official journal of SAME, advocating for the contributions and impact of military engineers, the U.S. industrial base, and those committed to national security. Published bi-monthly, TME features technical articles from experts in military, government, industry, and academia, covering engineering, energy, resilience, technology, and related topics. It provides a platform for showcasing achievements, stories, and news across the SAME community.  

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