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Stormwater and Surface Water Engineering Solutions

Stormwater-runoff volume has risen significantly in the last 100 years due to urbanization and increases in impervious surfaces. This increased volume can result in downstream flooding, streambank erosion, habitat damage, combined sewer overflows, decreases in manufacturing plant operational times, and many other serious issues. The increase in runoff due to reduction in natural stormwater infiltration results in more direct discharges to surface water bodies, creating water-quality issues across all types of land uses. Federal, state, and local governments have become more diligent about using Best Management Practices (BMPs), green infrastructure, developing stormwater taxes, and stormwater permit compliance monitoring. Montrose Environmental (Montrose), has been at the forefront of the development and use of innovative stormwater management engineering solutions for more than two decades, for industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, and environmental sectors. A comprehensive list of our services is provided at the end of this Statement of Qualifications.

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