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The American Rescue Plan (ARP): Breathing Better Around Schools

August 24, 2022

The Covid19 Pandemic exposed economic disparities throughout our healthcare and government systems. Studies have long since shown that millions of people are disproportionately affected by air pollution every year.

Sources can include organic chemicals from agriculture, dust, soot and metals from vehicles, factories, wood burning, power plants and compression stations.

Imagine, if you will, the diameter of an average strand of human hair. Now, imagine something with a diameter that’s 3% of that. Any particle that size or smaller is considered a PM (particulate matter) of 2.5 (micrometers), known as PM2.5. The smaller the particle is, the deeper it can invade your lungs once inhaled. These particles cause illness to the heart and lungs, especially if you already suffer from asthma or any other chronic illness. Children, pregnant people and the elderly are most vulnerable to this pollution.

The good news is that the American Rescue Plan released in its June 2021 budget tens of millions of dollars in grants to help communities address these disparities. This includes grants through the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) that help communities monitor PM2.5 and five other pollutants regulated by the federal Clean Air Act on short-term and long-term bases, upgrade indoor air filtration systems, rebate programs for replacing old school buses with electric and low-emissions ones and monitoring and cleaning of nearby Brownfield sites.

Montrose Environmental Group is excited for the opportunity to help improve air quality for the communities that need it most. Our ambient air monitoring services include traditional services, mobile labs, fenceline services to focus on specific pollutants and also community monitoring that broadens that field. So schools, municipalities and tribal organizations can better monitor the air quality in and around their buildings.

Our team is here for you to help take advantage of the American Rescue Plan to help your community meet the air quality standards we all deserve.

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