Key Insights from WTUI 2023

April 5, 2023

Industry experts Blake Ericson, Judith Aasland, and Bob Thomas recently attended WTUI 2023 in San Diego, California.

It was a powerhouse conference that gave us a great chance to talk about the latest developments in HAP testing and emissions standards.

Subpart YYYY

Our experts had various discussions concerning HAP emissions based on subpart YYYY. They received questions on technologies and sampling methods demonstrating low level ppb formaldehyde emissions.

Brush up on the specifics in our blog: YYYY: Recapping the Tests and Looking Ahead.

Remaining Key Interests

Other repeating topics that came up were turbine site management, growing PFAS interest, and the support services Montrose can provide to the power industry.

To learn more about our dedicated PFAS laboratories and testing experience, visit our Enthalpy website. For various resources discussing PFAS regulations, challenges, and developments, visit our Montrose website.

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