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How your LDAR program can benefit from real-time monitoring

September 26, 2023

By: Jared Metcalf

In our unwavering commitment to tackling evolving environmental challenges head-on, we see a bright future for the advancement of methods to enhance our LDAR (Leak Detection & Repair).

Montrose Environmental Group takes a pioneering step with Sensible EDP, which features a state-of-the-art Leak Detection Sensor Network (LDSN), setting a new standard for LDAR compliance.

How does the sensor network work?

Utilizing C1D2 sensors for continuous real-time monitoring, this technology quickly identifies in-facility leaks and promptly alerts LDAR technicians for swift repairs. This marks a significant departure from traditional LDAR methods, offering improved efficiency, speed, and reliability in managing fugitive emissions. When a leak is detected, the LDSN triggers an immediate alert, guiding technicians to the source for rapid intervention.

What key considerations should you be mindful of?

The existing industry standard has exposed shortcomings in sensor deployment practices. Often, sensors are haphazardly placed, risking proximity to leaks or vents. Once deployed, they rely on preset alarm thresholds, resulting in client notifications and potentially unnecessary employee deployments.

To overcome these challenges, we’re actively pursuing a more strategic approach to pinpoint emission sources accurately. In just one example, our sensor network has been able to differentiate between sources that should vent and those that shouldn’t. This results fewer false alarms and a system that understands the typical operations of your facility.

By adopting this thoughtful methodology, our Environmental Data Platform (EDP) can make informed decisions while identifying potential issues through triangulation and proximity assessment to any established emission generator. This intelligent approach allows us to assess leak likelihood more accurately and provide precise assessments. By educating our sensors about your facility’s normal operating behaviors, we aim to avoid unnecessary expenditures on false leak alerts, ensuring that our clients maximize their investments in leak detection while eliminating wasteful spending.

We’re just getting started.

Our journey into this emerging methodology is ongoing, and our optimism remains high as we continue to revolutionize the industry and uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability. If you would like to stay informed about new advancements, please reach out.

Jared Metcalf
VP of US OGI Operations
Jared Metcalf has over 20 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience. His extensive experience in providing professional fugitive emission monitoring services across North America and internationally has given him the expertise to help our clients meet their compliance/voluntary requirements. Jared specializes in the design, setup, and implementation of LDAR programs using Optical Gas Imaging.

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