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Empower EHS&S Performance with Simple Tasks that Matter

December 15, 2023

By: Meredith Boyer

EHS&S performance is integral to long-term value.

A company’s environment, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) performance is now integral to its long-term health, risk management, and value creation. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to maintain consistent regulatory compliance or demonstrate clear progress toward performance goals. Here’s how we help our clients empower their staff with the simple tasks that matter most when trying to improve EHS&S performance.

Relegating EHS&S to the specialists’ sphere of control limits what is possible.

Regulators and stakeholders (investors, media, suppliers, consumers, etc.) demand that companies they do business with are transparent with their environmental and social conduct. As such, companies can’t afford to relegate EHS&S activities to highly specialized (and heavily isolated) departments.

Ongoing EHS&S success requires proliferating ownership of organizational performance from the specialists’ sphere of control. Yes, EHS&S experts track compliance, but they do not control it. Placing the burden of responsibility for EHS&S activities solely on this small group not only results in process bottlenecks, inconsistent performance, and high costs, it also undermines an organization’s capacity to manage risk or set and achieve ambitious performance goals.

Industry leaders will mobilize their entire organization under a shared vision of EHS&S success.

Achieving effective risk management and benefiting from EHS&S initiatives require teamwork across the organization as well as daily effort from those on a facility’s frontlines. In the new EHS&S landscape, industry leaders will be those who unite their organizations under a shared vision of success and mobilize their teams with a clear, manageable plan to achieve it. With robust, reliable compliance plans in place, these organizations will free up valuable time and resources.

Ultimate success, however, depends on whether a company can break free from EHS&S bottlenecks and enable staff to drive consistent performance. And doing so will take more than simply purchasing the latest EHS&S management software.

Break out of the EHS bottleneck and empower your staff with simple tasks that matter.

At Huco, we help companies empower staff with the simple tasks that matter most for improving EHS&S performance. We work closely with clients to select and implement systems that:

  • Grant company-wide ownership of EHS&S initiatives
  • Eliminate EHS&S procedural bottlenecks
  • Make critical information readily available to those who need it

We developed our HuComply Methodology to deliver the actionable content clients need to get the most out of their EHS systems and perform at their best. While regulatory content providers and AI solutions stop at identifying relevant content and isolated requirements, HuComply leverages our best-in-class task template library to organize, consolidate, and translate complex regulatory requirements into clear, meaningful compliance tasks for frontline workers in one streamlined process. Tasks are written in plain language, fit for use by anyone at the facility, and ready to load into any EHS system.

The EHS&S landscape has evolved. But to succeed, you need only to empower your organization – from its frontline workers to top-level executives – with the systems, transparency, and simple tasks that matter most to EHS&S performance.

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