Demystifying PFAS Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry

Addressing PFAS in your operations is a real and present challenge in the Oil & Gas industry

September 21, 2022

By: James McCormack

Companies in the Oil & Gas industry are waiting with bated breath to see how pending regulations will impact their efforts to reduce and monitor per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). But while the regulatory environment continues to evolve, Oil & Gas companies have an opportunity to take proactive measures ahead of time—measures that better protect onsite personnel and help avoid the financial ramifications of yet-to-be-known PFAS regulations.

Montrose is prepared to help tackle fullstream PFAS challenges
One of the things I appreciate most about working for Montrose Environmental Group, Inc., is the synergistic collaboration between experts of varied experiences and disciplines. This occurs when we team up to tackle multi-faceted environmental challenges—and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than when addressing concerns related to PFAS challenges in the Oil & Gas industry.

Montrose, through focused, targeted, and strategic talent acquisition, has assembled a team of individual experts, who working together, holistically address the full continuum of PFAS-related needs. These needs include identification and quantification; chemistry and consulting; toxicology and risk communication; removal and replacement; and treatment and remediation.

Join Montrose experts for an informative PFAS panel discussion
On Wednesday, September 28th,  a team of PFAS subject matter experts from Montrose will hold a timely online panel discussion aimed at delivering actionable guidance on how to overcome PFAS challenges in the Oil & Gas industry.

During the 1-hour event, these experts will provide answers to some of the biggest PFAS questions in the industry, including:

  1. What do the current regulations even mean, and how do they affect me and my company?
  2. What are my laboratory options for achieving the new proposed action levels?
  3. How do I protect my workforce from exposure to PFAS and communicate potential risks?
  4. How do I clean PFAS from my systems and equipment?
  5. What are the efficacy and viability of fluorine-free firefighting foams proposed as replacement products?
  6. How do recent changes regarding fire and vapor suppression products directly affect the way I operate?
  7. What effective and validated water treatment technologies are now accessible and scalable?

Gain the knowledge necessary to take steps toward addressing PFAS challenges
By attending our webinar, your Oil & Gas company will better understand the PFAS challenges ahead—and possess the knowledge necessary to know how to overcome those challenges. This webinar is especially beneficial to your company if it has:

  • Installed fire suppression systems that use the PFAS-containing foam AFFF (aqueous film forming foam)
  • Applied foam to suppress vapors or fire (be it simulated or actual)
  • Had employees present during the use of firefighting foam
  • Ever had operations in states with enforceable surface water standards
  • Effluent or groundwater issues

Attend this webinar on overcoming PFAS challenges in the Oil & Gas industry. Leave with the power to turn those challenges into opportunities for safer sites and streamlined compliance practices.

Space is limited so reserve your space now. You can register for the live webinar here, as well as read the bios of our impressive panel members.

James McCormack – Environmental Consultant
James McCormack is an environmental consultant with over 20 years of experience in the response, mitigation, monitoring, sampling, and closure of hundreds of releases within the oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. James currently leads Montrose Environmental Group (MEG)’s Oil & Gas Market Sector where he is responsible for ensuring proper alignment of resources and developing and articulating the strategic vision for all MEG Oil & Gas Market Sector efforts.

James has extensive experience in environmental compliance and emergency and environmental response, including knowledge of relevant state and federal environmental statutes and regulations; preparing and submitting facility-specific environmental permits; performing environmental assessments; developing pollution control and environmental emergency response plans; operating within the Incident Command System (ICS) in the Environmental Unit during emergency and environmental responses, as well as, regulatory required drills and exercises; and sampling and monitoring using scientifically accepted methodology for purposes of litigation support and assisting regulators, clients, and emergency response personnel in decision-making.

Prior to joining Montrose Environmental Group (MEG), James worked 17 years at CTEH, LLC, where he held a variety of leadership roles, including Director of Environmental Services and Director of Sales & Marketing. James holds dual Master’s degrees in Environmental Science (MSES) and Public Affairs (MPA) from Indiana University Bloomington. He holds his Bachelor’s of Science in Life Sciences from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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