2022 Upcoming US EPA and CARB Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting and Verification Deadlines

February 22, 2022

By: Jennifer Marchek & Ed Krisnadi

As 2022 begins, remember that GHG emissions reports required under the USEPA and various California Air Resources Board (CARB) programs will be due over the coming months, as well as GHG emissions report verifications. If your company is required to report GHG emissions to the USEPA or CARB, be sure to get the reports submitted by their deadlines and choose a well-qualified GHG verification body. For CARB reporting year 2021 is the first year of a compliance period, so all reporting entities will require a site visit by their verifier.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • March 31 – US EPA GHG MRR annual GHG reports due for all facilities producing over 25,000 metric tons of CO2e, suppliers of fuels and carbon dioxide.
  • April 11 – CARB GHG MRR reporting deadline for all subject facilities and suppliers of fuels and carbon dioxide, except those subject to abbreviated reporting or submitting electric power entity reports.
  • June 1 – CARB GHG MRR reporting deadline for abbreviated reporting or for electric power entities.
  • August 10 – CARB GHG MRR Final verification statements due for all emission data reports, including emissions, supplier data, and product data for all industry sectors (e.g., general, oil & gas, process, and transactions)

California LCFS – Verification Deadlines

  • August 31 – Final verification statements for all LCFS annual report types except for the following report types:
    • Fuel Pathway Applications – Validation statement is due within six (6) months of application submission to CARB
    • Project Reports – If an entity chooses quarterly reporting over annual, the verification statement is due within five (5) months of each quarterly project report deadline (March 31, June 30, Sept 30, Dec 31)

LCFS Credit Generation Opportunities

    • Fuel Pathway credits based on calculated Carbon Intensity and Energy Economy Ratio,
    • Project-based, and
    • Capacity-based (ZEV infrastructure)

Be sure you are using the updated global warming potentials for methane and nitrous oxide in your 2021 reporting.  Have questions?  We can help.  Montrose helps several clients prepare their mandatory GHG reports.

CARB requires reporting entities to employ a new verification body every six years.  Need a new verifier? – Montrose would be honored to be your choice.  Montrose is a CARB-accredited verification body with lead verifiers in transactions and oil and gas sectors.  Contact us today for a quote for verification services.

Meet our GHG Program Experts
Edward Krisnadi
Edward brings over 20 years environmental compliance experience to the Montrose team; and is currently a principal for permitting and compliance division at Montrose. He is a certified CARB lead GHG verifier with Oil and Gas Sector Accreditations, and is the program manager for Montrose GHG verification program.

Meet our GHG Program Experts
Jennifer Marchek
Senior Principal
Ms. Marchek has over 10 years’ experience assisting clients with CARB and EPA mandatory GHG reporting in the power and oil and gas sectors. She is also a LCFS Lead Verifier.

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