2021 Upcoming California Air Resources Board (CARB) Reporting Deadlines

January 27, 2021

As 2021 begins, remember that several reports required under various California Air Resources Board (CARB) programs will be due over the coming months. If your company has mobile equipment in California subject to these regulations, be sure to get these reports submitted by their deadlines!

Upcoming 2021 Deadlines:

  • January 22 (LAX Only) – LAWA Annual Report due for the operations and emissions from Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at LAX. (LAX GSE Emissions Reduction Program)
  • January 31 (LAX Only) – LAWA Annual Report due for all on-road vehicles, including trucks, shuttles, passenger vans, and buses that are 8,500 lbs GVWR or more and are used in operations related to LAX. (LAX Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program)
  • January 31 – TRUCRS annual report due for all diesel trucks and buses equipped with an on-road engine with a gross vehicle weight rate (GVWR) greater than 14,000 lbs. This applies to all fleets that utilize flexibility options for any vehicles to meet compliance requirements; reporting is optional for fleets that comply with the engine model year schedule. (Truck and Bus Regulation)
  • March 1 – DOORS annual reporting and Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) form due for all diesel equipment equipped with an off-road engine of 25 hp or greater. (In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets Regulation)
  • March 31 (LAX Only) – LAWA GSE Emission Reduction Interim Assessment Report providing the average composite emissions factor for GSE fleets at LAX as of March 1, 2021. (LAX GSE Emissions Reduction Program)
  • May 1 – A one-time report must be submitted by entities that operate or dispatch on-road vehicles with a manufacturer’s GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs in California. This applies to entities that grossed more than $50 million in revenues in 2019, or own 50 or more vehicles, or dispatch 50 or more vehicles into or throughout California, or a government agency with at least one vehicle. (Advanced Clean Trucks regulation)
  • June 1 (ONT Only) – Initial annual report for GSE due from ONT to South Coast AQMD. ONT may require GSE owners and operators to submit data for their report.**
  • June 30 – DOORS annual reports due for all vehicles equipped with a large spark-ignition (LSI) engine (gasoline, propane, or compressed natural gas) of 25 hp or greater. (LSI Engine Fleet Requirements Regulation)
  • July 1 (LAX Only) – LAWA GSE Emission Reduction Action Plan required for GSE fleets at LAX that exceed the 2.65 g/hp-hr (HC + NOx) average composite emissions factor as of March 1, 2021. (LAX GSE Emissions Reduction Program)

**Per Memorandum of Understanding Between the South Coast Air Quality Management District and Ontario International Airport Regarding Ontario International Airport’s Air Quality Improvement Plan (December 2019), ONT must submit an initial annual GSE report to South Coast AQMD by June 1, 2021. To prepare this report, ONT may require owners and operators of GSE to submit data. However, no mention was made regarding such a submittal in the bi-annual progress report from June 2020, and the December 2020 progress report has not yet been made publicly available. Additional information may be published for ONT in the coming months.

If your company needs support with these reports or other fleet management assistance, we have several people that have experience with these regulations, start a conversation with us now.

Sandra Alvarado, P.E.
Sandra Alvarado has 20 years of experience in the chemical engineering and environmental compliance field. She has prepared permitting applications, regulatory applicability determinations, and compliance report documentation and notifications for facilities across the country.

Edward Krisnadi
Senior Project Manager
Edward brings over 16 years of industry experience to the Montrose team where he currently serves as Senior Project Manager. As a Regulatory Consulting Expert, Edward has worked on projects for a variety of industries including oil and gas production facilities, refineries, power industries, and aerospace plating companies.

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