Vijay Manthripragada

President and Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Manthripragada serves as President and Chief Executive Officer and is also a member of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.’s Board of Directors. Mr. Manthripragada brings significant leadership and management experience to Montrose. Previously, Mr. Manthripragada was the Chief Executive Officer of PetCareRx, Inc., a high-growth e-commerce company in the pet health industry. Prior to joining PetCareRx, Mr. Manthripragada was a Senior Vice President in the Investment Banking division of Goldman Sachs. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Manthripragada was a Director at the Advisory Board Company and a Johnson & Johnson’s Management Development program member. Mr. Manthripragada received his MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and his BS from Duke University (US) and Oxford University (UK). Mr. Manthripragada co-founded the White Buffalo Tiospaye, a youth shelter for Native American children in South Dakota, and helped establish the Children’s Medical Foundation in Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. Manthripragada is currently a member of the Board of The Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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