Our clients are facing real environmental challenges that increasingly require holistic and integrated planning to address over long timeframes.

Montrose Environmental Advisory Services was established to support our clients in the development of strategy and practical execution plans, leveraging the deep expertise of the entire Montrose organization. Every day the entire Montrose team is focused on helping our clients solve their most pressing environmental challenges – how can we help you?

Our Roadmap to Your Success


Step 1: Deep Understanding and Working Knowledge of Environmental Solutions


Our depth and breadth of experience and successes with environmental challenges across all key market sectors allows us to effectively evaluate practical options and establish implementation programs.


Step 2: Strategic Leadership and Program Management


In order to create an impactful roadmap, our clients deserve strategic guidance and, more important, practical execution plans for these strategies. Montrose Environmental Advisory Services offers a team of experts who have dedicated our entire careers to seeking and delivering practical, concrete environmental strategies and solutions for our clients that truly make a difference for all the stakeholders impacted by these environmental challenges. We will:

  1. Assess your baseline condition
  2. Develop goals to meet current and future regulatory, shareholder, customer and stakeholder expectations
  3. Deliver executable strategies to address these goals
Step 3: Full Suite of In-House Services, Expertise and Strategic Partnerships


How ironic that the finish line of the roadmap, our clients’ sustainable success, leads us back to where the Montrose differentiation starts in the first place: we understand what work is required because we do it ourselves every day.

Our strategic team have become market leaders as a result of their years of executional success in the field and leading projects across multiple disciplines. This team sits at the center of the Montrose Environmental hub, uniquely positioned to accelerate the execution of our forward-thinking strategies because the resources required are available in-house, ready to be activated for our clients’ needs.

Our expansive list of services include:

  • Strategy and Program Development
  • Baseline Assessments
  • GHG Reduction Programs (Fugitives, energy use optimization, fleet conversions, carbon capture)
  • Renewable Energy Development (Solar, WHP)
  • Offset Procurement (RECs, Carbon Offsets)
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Data Management and Reporting
Oil & Gas Faces Unique Challenges in The Face of Climate Change

What is my emissions baseline? Should I commit to a reduction target? Should I get my natural gas Certified? These are just a few of the questions we hear from our clients everyday. So while there are no easy answers, you can rest assured you are not alone in asking them!

Stakeholders of all stripes are looking for more voluntary action on the part of the industry, and more stringent regulatory requirements are emerging around the world. It is a dynamic time. The strategies you choose will have implications for your current business, your prospects for growth, and how you will be viewed by customers, investors, employees and the communities in which you operate. You do have options, and we are here to help you sort through them.

Take a look at our Environmental Advisory SOQ to learn more about our services!
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