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Biogas: Our People – Dustin Semark, P.E.

April 24, 2024

Next up we’d like to introduce you to Dustin Semark, Lead Design Engineer.

“A lot has changed with our team over the past year, and one of the best changes has been the addition of Dustin as a Lead Design Engineer. He has helped drive result by being able to come in an immediately contribute to the projects that Montrose is delivering. I appreciate his diligence and attention to detail, looking forward to the future with him on the team.” – Jacob Stern, VP RNG

When did you join the Montrose team, and what prior experience brought you to this role?

I joined the company a year ago, in April 2023. Previously, I worked in product research and development and process plant design, holding cross-disciplinary roles and responsibilities.

My career has revolved around developing and deploying green technology systems to market with the goal of reducing overall impact to our environment. Montrose’s vision and approach to these exact challenges is both effective and demonstratable. I had the added benefit of meeting most of the team during my in-person interview, which provided insight into the knowledge base and design experience that this team has. That insight has proven more true every day that I have been with Montrose, as I have had the opportunity to observe and contribute to our business approach of investing in motivated individuals, which in turn develops teams that deliver effective solutions to the market.

How do you feel your work contributes to the successful future of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)?

My role contributes by leading cross-disciplinary teams to develop constructable facilities. These facilities, in turn, successfully deliver RNG to gas utilities, while meeting our client’s needs. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue to develop and deliver renewable natural gas process plants with current and developing technologies.

In your year working for Montrose, do you feel that your team successfully adapts to challenges?

The team has evolved over time, both through internal and external growth. We rise to the opportunity to deliver solutions for challenging projects. While challenges are a part of what we do, I feel that our team embraces them and proceeds with a nimble approach, allowing us to pivot quickly and meet the needs of our clients. We provide excellent guidance in the design of these facilities. Additionally, our team’s broad expertise provides a solid foundation to elevate the entire team to contribute at their full potential. We have grit, determination, experience, and sound decision making, which is applied to every project we work on.

For example, a recent challenge within my projects has been to develop an integrated backup power management design that balances requirements from all disciplines and project stakeholders. I approached the challenge by outlining the base requirements for process mechanical, with consideration for plant operations. Next, I collaborated with electrical and controls, as well as equipment suppliers, to further refine the process mechanical requirements. We proposed the approach to our client and incorporated that feedback into the design. We are now well positioned to move this design forward and into project implementation.

What is something that you really look forward to on each of your projects?

I enjoy the opportunity to contribute to every project through cross-team collaboration, decision making, and providing overall guidance. My typical day-to-day includes the transfer of information, design progression, researching, review cycles, vendor interaction, and construction support. Personally, I enjoy working through the challenging portions of projects. The challenging portions of projects afford me the opportunity to work with multi-disciplinary teams to apply my knowledge and experience to provide clear direction and guidance when needed.

Who is someone on the team that you really enjoy working with?

Every individual on our Montrose biogas team is an exceptional individual and I couldn’t be happier to work with such a team. I truly enjoy working with Jason MacKenzie, as his leadership skills are second to none. His ability to navigate difficult situations and provide clear resolution to a broad group is inspirational.

Dustin Semark, P.E.
Lead Design Engineer
Dustin Semark joined the Biogas team in 2023 and has over 12 years of experience as an engineer in the energy market. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering, from UC Irvine. Dustin is a licensed Professional Engineer (Mechanical) in the state of California.

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