Sunoma Renewable Biofuel Project Ribbon Cutting Event



On November 10, 2021, the Montrose Environmental Biogas team participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Paloma Dairy with other key partners on the project. This renewable natural gas (RNG) digester project was a joint effort between OPAL Fuels, LLC, Black Bear Environmental Assets, Live Oak Bank, Southwest Gas Corporation, and Montrose’s team of industry experts.

The sunny November day brought on blue skies and an excited audience of individuals from the community, state representative offices, and partners in the project. Our team delivered this facility on budget, on time, and met all performance specifications while also exceeding gas upgrading requirements. The facility will prevent 54,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent from entering the atmosphere annually.

We are excited to share this video from the day with you and look forward to sharing additional project metrics as it continues to turn dairy manure into valuable RNG.

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