Webinar: Demystifying PFAS Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

Demystifying PFAS Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry_image


James McCormack, Sector Lead of Oil & Gas Markets
Martha Maier, PFAS Program Leader
Angie Perez, PhD, CIH, Senior Toxicologist
Steve Pepper, MS, CSP, Senior Consultant
Nicole Bolea, PE, Business Development Manager
David R. Blye, CEAC, Principal Chemist


Companies in the Oil & Gas industry are waiting with bated breath to see how pending regulations will impact their efforts to reduce and monitor per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). But while the regulatory environment continues to evolve, Oil & Gas companies have an opportunity to take proactive measures ahead of time—measures that better protect onsite personnel and help avoid the financial ramifications of yet-to-be-known PFAS regulations. This webinar on overcoming PFAS challenges in the Oil & Gas industry will equip you with the power to turn those challenges into opportunities for safer sites and streamlined compliance practices.

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