Webinar: Transitioning from PFAS Firefighting Foam to Fluorine-Free Alternatives

Integrated AFFF Solutions


Martha Maier, PFAS Program Leader, Montrose
Angie Perez, PhD, CIH,
Senior Toxicologist, CTEH
Dave Kempisty, PhD, PE, Director, Emerging Contaminants, Montrose
Jorge Caspary, PG, Senior Principal, Montrose
Steve Pepper, MS, CSP, Senior Consultant, Innovative Services, CTEH


The presentation highlights the environmental and health concerns associated with PFAS-containing Aqueous Film Forming Foams and underscores the benefits of SFFFs, such as improved safety, reduced environmental impact, and cost savings, without compromising firefighting effectiveness.

The webinar also addresses the complexities of this transition, emphasizing the need to reevaluate firefighting strategies, equipment, and training. With expert panelists and interactive Q&A sessions, viewers will leave with a deeper understanding of the transition process and access to valuable resources. This webinar encourages professionals and concerned citizens to be proactive in driving a safer and more sustainable future in firefighting foam technology.

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