When we say “traditional ambient air monitoring” we mean the services that help you stay compliant.

Our expertise in monitoring to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) or other specific regulations and requirements, means we sample, analyze, and monitor for all regulated air pollutants to ensure your region or facility is compliant and successful.

  • General Monitoring Plans Include:
    • Operator Contact Information
    • Compounds to Be Monitored
    • Monitoring and Meteorological Equipment
    • QAPP and SOPs
    • Action Levels
  • Site Specific Monitoring Plans Include:
    • Local Government Contact Info
    • Operation Schedules
    • Monitor Locations
    • API and AIRS Numbers
    • Any Local Air Monitoring Requirements
    • Modeling Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Plans Include:
    • Requirements for NAAQs or Other Specific Regulations
    • Operational, Calibration, and Service Intervals
  • Location Sighting Includes:
    • Determining Appropriate Locations for Monitor Placement
    • Selection of the Most Cost Effective and Capable Technology
  • Designing and Furnishing Monitoring Systems Includes:
    • Integrating Monitors and Equipment From Numerous Manufacturers to Function as a Holistic System
    • Field Installation, Operations, and Service
  • Independent Quality Assurance Audits
  • Quality Control for Monitor Operation
  • Downtime Fill-in Solutions Hardware and Programs
  • Data Gathering and Security
  • Validation
  • Reporting
  • Publishing Data to Dedicated Customer Portals for Near Real-time Measurements
  • As the Program Ends, Monitoring Networks are Completely Removed and Recommendations Made for Future Needs
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