Ultra-low measurements, delivered in real-time.

The Montrose Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS) Mobile Laboratory is a revolutionary technology that provides ultra-low detection of organic and inorganic compounds in real-time with capabilities to map a facility or community.

Enabled with ultra-low detection Parts Per Trillion limits, the mobile platform can track virtually any Volatile Organic or Inorganic Compound at a rate of up to one data point per half-second.

This device provides ultra-low detection of organic and inorganic compounds in real-time with capabilities to map a facility or community. It incorporates additional components to quickly determine where emissions are originating for use:

  • Fencline Monitoring
  • Odor Complaints and Allocation
  • Fugitive Emission Identification and Measurement
  • Emergency Response
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Source Allocation
  • Ultra-low Detection for Title V Major Source Declassification

The Montrose PTR-TOF-MS Mobile Laboratory is enabled with triangulation platforms that pull in data through…

Taking a sample gas (the air outside of the vehicle).

Mixing it with a reagent gas selected for reactivity to the selected compound.

In an ionization chamber that gives energy to the molecule.

The different masses of all the molecules are separated and counted.

This allows us to quantitate how many are in the sample.

Using GPS and MET data, we can map out the concentrations to pinpoint where the source of the molecule concentrations are coming from.

This enables us to perform mobile on-site testing for an unlimited variety of compounds.

During odor acclocation projects, our team uses a multivariate analysis (MVA) computer program to determine correlations and causations.

Continual studies
Leasing with an operator
Long term measurements

We’ll work with you to develop the most cost-effective solution for your emissions tracking program. Customize.

Contact us to work with Montrose today.

  • GC Interface for EPA Method 18
  • Other Test Method (OTM) with EPA for Stationary Source Work
  • Industrial Hygiene Compatible
  • Being embraced by the wider regulatory community
  • Supported by dozens of peer reviewed literature studies
  • Real-time results on-site
  • Real-time triangulation
  • Provides measurements while moving
  • Detects thousands of volatile compounds
  • Integrates with other equipment (FTIR, Laser devices)

Ionicon Model 6000 X2 Proton Transfer Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer equipped with a Ion Booster funnel and Hexapole Ion guide providing detection limits of less than 1 ppt.

Environics Model 4000 Gas Mixing System generating calibration gases with a 10,000 times dilution for extremely low concentration and highly accurate direct calibration of ambient sources.

Millennium Instruments Heated Dilution System  with four switchable critical orifice fixed dilution ratios to accommodate any level of analyte concentration

SRI Model 8610C Gas Chromatograph equipped with Flame Ionization, Flame Photometric, and Photo Ionization detectors for separation of interfering compounds or isomers. Direct interface allows for quantification following USEPA methodologies.

MKS Instruments Model 2030 G MultiGas™ Analyzer, a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) based analyzer capable of ppb sensitivity for multiple gas species in a variety of applications, such as stack emissions monitoring, process monitoring, ambient air monitoring, purity monitoring, and selective catalytic reduction performance monitoring.

Millennium Instruments Sampling System, a heated, high capacity touchscreen controlled pump system that feeds the PTR and associated instruments with ambient or source gas. This system is coupled with a 4 channel calibration module that allows automated, unattended operation and calibration for extended sampling programs.

Columbia Weather Systems Magellan MX 500 Weather Station, which offers a multitude of measurements including temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, ultrasonic wind speed and direction and a high precision GPS location system for use in pinpoint leak detection and triangulation location.

Teledyne Model T701H High Performance Zero Air Generator, which provides an interference free gas for dilution the dilution systems and associated instruments without the bulk of transporting extra compressed gas cylinders.

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