A significant source of air pollution is fugitive emissions. Innovative measuring techniques help facilities comply with regulations, locate leaks, and improve overall air quality.

Fenceline monitoring services offer state-of-the-art active technologies for real-time solutions, as well as passive tube or canister sampling for a low-cost way to test the perimeter of your facility.

Fenceline Measurements

  • Open-Path (UV-DOAS, OP-FTIR, OP-TDL/QCL Up to 1 kM Distances
  • Unbiased All Vendors Selections Solutions for Cost Effective and Capable Programs
  • Mobile Real-time PTR-TOF-MS Platforms for Ultra-low Detection
  • EPA M325B Passive tubes
  • Gas Chromatography FID, PID, TCD, TDT-PID
  • Extractive Point Source Monitors and FEM Equipment
  • Drone and Satellite Solutions
  • Flux Measurements Using Approved EPA Methodology
  • Leak Detection Stand-off Proprietary Softwares and Triangulation
  • Low-Cost Sensors Offer Near Real-time Readings
    • LOD Needs Met
    • Bias Correction
    • Interference Software Solutions
    • Drift Correction and Compensation
    • Cost Effective Fully Integrated Network Solutions
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