Webinar: Navigating the Rapidly Changing World of Climate-Related Disclosures

Navigating the Rapidly Changing World of Climate Related Disclosures


Jami Patrick, VP of Sustainability and Climate Advisory, Montrose


Reporting on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate-related risks is rapidly moving from voluntary to regulatory. Compliance, while important, is only one of many reasons companies may disclose climate-related information. Understanding climate impact, and identifying and managing climate-related risk, can position companies for long-term success, supporting business resiliency and building investor confidence. As stakeholder expectations toward corporate accountability and transparency increase, transitioning to a low-carbon economy – and reporting on that transition – is essential to gain a competitive edge.

Join Jami Patrick, Montrose Environmental’ s VP, Sustainability and Climate Advisory, to learn more about the recent and emerging requirements around climate-related disclosures. The webinar will not only cover the applicability and the specific requirements of the US SEC, California, and EU rules, but also speak to how to prepare for compliance…and why companies should prepare to meet the requirements even if not directly subject to the rules.

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